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  1. yes. i'd be more forgiving if this was a 1 or 2 year starter or a kid from a small conference. but this guy started 3, 4 years at a big time program for the against near pro level competition. if he he looks this bad now, his ceiling is very, very low.
  2. This offense won't be there in 2013... can't imagine Andy Reid lasting that long
  3. Yeah Pilares. Who is Seyi?Hahah, don't make me try to spell it. Seyi Aritoutu? Former charger, played some decent football last year. We signed him late in the preseason when he was cut.Seyi's last name is pronouned I-Share-A-Tutu
  4. There was a very great article in an Omaha paper about why Keller lost his job to Carpenter. It seems it had more to do with questions about his partying lifestyle than his talent... Apparently, there was a secretive meeting with young and older players shortly after the coach made his first decision. The meeting was very heated with some players in the Keller camp and others in the Carpenter camp. Ultimately, it looks like the vote went with the player that lead the quieter lifestyle... Personally, I think the coach made a bad decision by either reversing his decision or by having the meet
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