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  1. this is very sad news. haven't owned him for a couple years but he's a wonderful, electric player. i always felt he was antonio brown-lite. hope to see him recover and back on the field soon!
  2. is it just me, or is are skill position players getting younger? right now, in my 12 team 17 man roster league, 44 rookies are on rosters. (3 year contracts with 1 year contracts given to midseason pickups.) that's a league record by a long shot... anyone else noticing this?
  3. are you starting jackson over samuels? (and what scoring format?)
  4. over who? right now, i'm leaning samuels over jackson in standard and have to pick one... it's tough! i like jackson's electric playmaking ability but feel like samuels is the better bet... am i wrong???
  5. i noticed in that 4 catch, 12 target game before the bye he started getting pulled quite a bit in 2 wide receiver sets as the game progressed and so i kept my eye on it. it's not the "trend" we want to see, but to me he's still obviously their best downfield weapon. perhaps with gronk gimpy, they're just being overly cautious?
  6. this is the best sequence of games of his young career. but i just can't pull the trigger on putting him my wild card lineup against the jags on a thursday. i want to start him so bad since it's been slow going since he came into the league. nice to see him emerging with a solid chunk of games but... i just don't think he's an "always start your studs" just yet. how are the rest of you corey davis owners handling this matchup?
  7. is anyone concerned with his declining snap count? it peaked at 95% in week 7. hovered in the low 80s for a few weeks. then 76% & 65% the last two weeks and only 8 total targets. he's been in my starting lineup for a bit but i'm feeling less optimistic about that decision this week than i have in week's past.
  8. who are you starting them over? right now i got samuels in there. jackson on my bench behind lindsay & tarik. to me, my decision is between samuels & jackson... and i'm leaning samuels. (standard.)
  9. yes. just like last year... except for that whole "this injury actually occurred a month before the trade deadline, not a month after" part.
  10. a little surprised to see the staff leaning towards smallwood here... it certainly seems that sometime last season, clement passed him on the depth chart and hasn't looked back. going back to week 8, 2017, the only time smallwood outtouched clement in a game both played was week 17 when the eagles rested most of their starters (5 games). and clement has outtouched smallwood both times they both played this year. smallwood certainly could play his way back ahead of clement, but if clement is really 100% and doesn't appear on the injury report this week, he se
  11. this usage is a bit surprising. a lot of up-the-gut carries for him tonight. he's been on the field almost every play except for one drive. he definitely seems like the guy right now. not sure how long his leash is, but it's clear the coaches think of him differently than the fantasy community...
  12. i put hines in over collins. (standard) i might put collins back in at flex closer to sunday depending on my receivers, but between the two, i'd rather roll with hines. i have a feeling collins isn't going to see much action near the goalline and that limits his ceiling a bit in my eyes. and i'd rather bet on hines taking one of his touches to the house.
  13. and hilton and doyle. i have to think hines is a top 25 play in standard this week and a top 20 in PPR.
  14. i agree that the target share isn't what you want to see (and that's why his ownership % remains so low). it's a solid point but i'm a bit more persuaded by the large playing time this early in his career, especially considering that everyone thought this guy was just a special teams specialist and the coaches who have watched him every day for 4 months seem to disagree. sometimes the snap count follows the production. but other times the production follows the snap count with the younger guys... i'm eager to watch tomorrow's game.
  15. the argument can be made that he cut into wilkins' workload. hines snap count stayed pretty even week 1 and 2. it took a slight dip but nothing drastic. wilkins had his snap count cut in half when mack was active. since week 2, hines snap count has blown up and wilkins' playing time continues to shrink. we'll know more tomorrow night, but my prediction is mack cuts into wilkins tomorrow, wilkins hardly plays and hines is still on the field for 50+% of the plays.
  16. but... hines has arguably shown more than that and he's only played 4 games... i know it's a fool's folly to try to peer inside a coach's head, but i just dont see many reasonable possibilities other than the colts really try to see what they have in hines. he's got the top end speed to be a real freak in this league and the colts don't have any other dangerous options outside of hilton. wilkins, mack and turbin are all... pretty meh. if i was wearing a colts visor, i keep my lips shut on hines and keep playing him all game every game like we've been doing...
  17. nobody on that roster is. and so, i suspect the team will see if hines can run between the tackles some, if for nothing else than to keep defenses honest when he's on the field (for 3/4 of the plays!). (i also suspect the fantasy community made up their minds on hines and this situation a long time ago and are having a hard time reevaluating it...)
  18. the turbin love in fantasy worlds is... confusing to me. if you were the colts coaches, would you... even let turbin touch the ball instead of hines?? i wouldn't. turbin is a turd.
  19. nice to hear more than crickets on this guy.
  20. i'm considering mariota's health as a bellwether for corey. while it looks like gabbert is starting or mariota is limited, corey sits. but until it looks like mariota is done for a long time or the season, i'm not moving him.
  21. patriots signed kenjon barner wonder if this means the neck injury is bad...
  22. hines was in on 73% of the snaps yesterday. gamebook
  23. tough choice. i still think hines is intriguing ROS... i just like the way the team is deploying him and how much a focal of the offense he seems to be even when he's not getting the ball. i still think there's a chance he's getting a healthy amount of touches down the stretch.
  24. i've got clement in there over burkhead, corey davis and josh gordon. not really a tough decision...
  25. how big a league? he's available in my 12 teamer with 3 year contracts + salary cap... i've got my eye on him tho...
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