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  1. with the strong rookie RB campaign, i think you can expect dyno picks in the top 5 to have super high value this coming year.
  2. i'm so annoyed. this is exactly what i was thinking all offseason, even when the pats brought in all the other backs. it was an unpopular opinion and he was generally an afterthought around RB50. and i figured we'd know week 1 if the pats had plans to lean on him and... he was in on a couple kickoffs and like three or four plays. he was only in on like 10% of the plays the first few weeks. so i started to listen to the naysayers who said he'd lost a step and cut him. damnit...
  3. my team would look drastically different if i hadn't drafted treadwell #2 last year and corey davis #5 this year (post ware injury)... looking around at the other receivers too, it's been a rough couple years to grab a top-end WR in a rookie draft.
  4. i'm looking forward to seeing what this kid can do. he's really undervalued in dyno imo. his dash is about the same as dak prescott's, but his agility is way better. he strikes me as the type of QB who will run his way comfortably into QB2 territory and even have low end QB1 / "what the heck" upside in some weeks.
  5. not being a top 6 TE by his second year shouldn't really be a blow to his dyno value. a few top tight ends had good-to-great second seasons (gronk, graham, gates, kelce) but it's a difficult position to learn and a lot of other tight ends take a bit longer to develop. tony g: less than 1000 yards and 4 TDs combined in his first two seasons greg olsen: third season was fine, but he wasn't really an every week start until his 6th year. vernon davis: didn't really start flirting with "must start" status until his 4th season and he was basically a must start (when healthy) for about 5 or 6 years. zach ertz: TE9 was his best year until this year, his 5th season. sure, it's disappointing second season for henry because we were hoping to build on the 488 & 8 season and we all wanted to see a kelce-ish sophomore year but he still put up 100 more yards and caught 9 more passes. and judging by the grades and the general eye-ball consensus around here, i think we'll keep seeing steps forward.
  6. i'm nervous since we haven't seen how the jags would use dede with a healthy hurns...
  7. i would probably be selling for anything i could get at this point. he might be a talent upgrade for a handful of teams, but i have a hard time seeing any team bringing him in to start at this point. and given how much of an unreliable headache he's been for the bucs for 6 seasons, i also don't see a team bringing him in to be the vet backup to a young talented but somewhat unproven runner (like in miami). i see him landing in a similar situation to adrian peterson last year: an extra cog in a clogged backfield on a team with some cap space to burn.
  8. same 40 time as gronkowski and ertz... there's a few TEs who are faster, sure, but i dont see the "slow" thing.
  9. i feel like it benefits them to see what they've got with him now that the season is over. he was really exciting in preseason and we've seen around the league what an explosive RB can do for an offense. i bet he gets some reps against real NFL talent these next two weeks.
  10. for anyone down about collins (and still alive!): he got 5 red zone carries sunday and 12 in the last three games. that's le'veon bell, todd gurley level opportunity. here's hoping he gets that many chances against the colts!
  11. signs of life... vance joseph says strong possibility that rookie running back De’Angelo Henderson could play this season.
  12. i started dede and henry over him. kinda didn't matter but i somehow won anyway. (thanks CJ!) but he's in my lineup now with henry likely out. and despite his turd season, this will be his third start in a championship for me. so even though he wasn't a huge part of my team this year, i kinda have to play him now! it feels icky but i'm not gonna lie: i am having the occasional day dream of a vintage 150 & 2 from sam the man...
  13. i'm seeing ware's dyno ranking still holding some value in the 40s. initially that seemed high, since i'd rather take a shot on guys who could actually earn the job and i just can't imagine ware having that much value unless hunt gets hurt. but then i thought: is now the time to grab him, one year before he hits free agency? is ware talented enough to grab a year in advance, like michael turner in the olden days.
  14. is there any chance richard takes the job next year? i'm having a hard time seeing lynch come back and historically, the raiders haven't reached on many RBs in the draft. he's been fine, not spectacular on limited touches. it seems the coaching staff keeps his workload light since he's not the biggest RB but i'm curious if a new coaching staff my utilize him differently next year. he hasn't missed a game in 2 seasons, so maybe he could handle a bit more...
  15. where are people ranking him in dynasty? i'm having a hard time fitting him into the top 40 RBs... and that's before a crop of rookie RBs come in.
  16. i see a pattern! 2012: 1400 rushing yards 2013: 400 2014: 400 2015: 1400 2016: 400 2017: 400
  17. not exactly. i didn't see much of him in the 4th but he definitely came in for at least one play and caught a pass pretty late. broadcast said he was banged up a little bit (he definitely took a long time to stand up after one of his last runs) and coaching staff wanted to hold him out down the stretch as a precaution. someone on twitter (with a blue checkmark) said collins tried to run onto the field to start one of the final drives but a coach grabbed him back. https://twitter.com/jeffzrebiecsun/status/942498921552777216
  18. he's had a pretty rough year, but he's shown some improvement. is there any chance the browns pass on a QB at #1? it's almost a certainty that he's the backup next year, right?
  19. hmmm... it sounds like he's happier but... hard to say his career is back on track. hard to see him get gobbles of money this offseason. and i can't believe i'm starting hunter henry over my dear sammy this weekend!
  20. if they draft a RB in the first three rounds, his value takes a big hit and he becomes a great buy low imo in dyno. he'd probably be ranked in mid to low 30s in redraft... to be fair, dixon was a 4th round pick who had a solid, if unspectacular, rookie season. collins was drafted 40 slots later, didn't show quite as much his rookie year, passed through waivers, and was just a practice squad guy to start the year. collins' path to relevancy isn't exactly a well-worn one.
  21. i mean... forsett was 29 when he had his one good season. can't think of any RBs who "broke out" that late and were really all that fantasy relevant. alex collins is 23. but we really need to see what the team does in the draft. personally, i feel pretty confident that the team will address other issues and collins will enter the year in the RB15-ish range since his primary competition will be kenneth dixon, who looked "fine" last year. but if the ravens play well in the postseason and collins shines on a national stage, we shouldn't rule out his ADP creeping up into low end RB1 range. a lot will be made about how he was top 6 second half of the seaon and he'll be and he'll be a polarizing player. if his value sticks in the mid teens, i'd keep him. i'm a believer and think he shows tremendous instincts as a runner. i can see him having some solid seasons, a la marion barber or mark ingram (who he comps pretty well with).
  22. totally agree. was just watching that. he didn't really make anyone "miss" but he made at least a dozen decisive, good cuts that led to him hitting the gap at the perfect moment or a defender hitting him with a poor angle, allowing him to carve out an additional 3-5 yards from point of contact. a handful of Rbs in the league would have taken a couple of those runs to the house, sure. but plenty of RBs with worse vision and lesser instincts wouldn't have surpassed 120 yards on similar opportunities.
  23. yeah that's tough. as for the trust thing: it seemed pretty clear early on that he was earning more trust each week. given his long fumbling history, it's no surprise that the coaches made him earn it bit by bit. once he was getting red zone snaps five weeks ago, i got super excited...
  24. and it's been pretty clear that ever since his first game, his role has continued to grow but he needed to earn their trust (seeing as how going back to his college days he's fumbled about once every 17 touches)... i'm not sure why you cut him (or even when you cut him?!?) but that's kind of on you. i've owned him since week 2 and at NO POINT have i ever considered dropping him.
  25. he's #3 in FF pts and #2 in yards the last three weeks. i feel like he's finally right around that top 5 TE status that a lot of us owners were hoping for, especially with a matchup against the chiefs next week.
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