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  1. gore with a heroic effort tonight. thanks for getting me a playoff victory, old chap. glad i trusted you! but... who's got the guts to roll him back out there on thursday night???
  2. this guy is saving my season and i'm really warming up to the idea of retaining him in the offseason.
  3. won in spite of it. now i'm super confused about week 14 tho.
  4. hmmm. i've got davis in over both those guys right now.
  5. i'm gonna come at this at a slightly different angle and suggest taking a short term approach to these moves and snatching guys who are positioned to be considered "sleepers" going into next year so their trade value will be looking nice and juicy by the time your draft hits. obviously, the draft is a big unknown and many of these guys' values will fluctuate wildly depending on what their team does but if you can get value in the offseason for a guy you grabbed for pennies now, that's a win for your dyno team. some of my favorites to see immediate jumps in value this offseason are: malcolm brown. i think a team with a muddy backfield will bring him in and i think he'll be a popular late round "sleeper" in all the rags next year. deangelo henderson. i agree with @JFS171 . it's difficult to see how CJ anderson and charles are on the team next year and i was also impressed with this kid. joe williams. will hyde return? can brieda really carry a full load? i can see joe being a popular sleeper pick. josh reynolds. sammy seems happy in LA but i'd be surprised if the rams paid him to bring him back. keelan cole. probably rostered but allen robinson is a UFA (i think) and his value will almost certainly be higher heading into next year. mahomes. if your league still does trades... i just dont see how mahomes value is lower going into 2018 than it is right now. (probably could have made this move a bit cheaper a month ago.)
  6. agree that the chief's staff definitely has more insight into how he's looked in practice than we do. but oh boy, looking over the box scores, the standings, and watching the games this last month, alex smith has been pretty bad and i feel like this is a very important week for him. if he struggles again, it wouldn't surprise me to see the team turn to mahomes late in the game. or even against the raiders the following week.
  7. saw the team target him three other times (one a PI and two on offsides). they're feeding him the ball. and i like his chances of being a weekly FF starter down the stretch.
  8. was watching the game today. he was on the field A LOT down the stretch... not sure if something is bother gordon, but ekeler looked like the better back today and the team seemed to realize it. the team even brought him out to run the clock and... then he had that awful fumble. i'll be curious to watch how this plays out going forward but gordon owners can't feel THAT good.
  9. for a moment there i thought maybe i did "same" my own post and felt like a real dolt.
  10. you can count on one hand the amount of RBs who have had that many touches in a season the last 10 years...
  11. matt waldman loves him. https://twitter.com/MattWaldman/status/919932238120325120
  12. this has turned out to be an excellent contract for the colts. when i watch him, i'm shocked i'm watching a 34 year old RB. he doesn't look like a world beater, but he's still pretty shifty and his vision is just so excellent. he turns so many negative plays into minor successes by making the right cut behind the line. turbin was cutting into his red zone touches and i think his value had been neutered a bit without as many TD opportunities, but with turbin out for the year now i can see gore working his way into safe RB2 territory yet again. i'm really curious what people think his dyno value is.
  13. i signed him to a three year deal as zach ertz insurance, also on a three year deal. together they cost 80% of kelce's $$ and 50% of gronk's. i'll take it especially since we have a WR3/TE flex spot...
  14. he's not really on pace for all that many more yards. 57 ypg in 2015, 58 ypg in 2016 and he's at 67 ypg this year. that's a jump, but the cool thing about ertz' FF production is it's not like he's suddenly being forced the ball in an unsustainable way. he's just finally getting some scores. those that got him in dynasty have to be feeling very positive about the outlook for the next few years.
  15. for the last three weeks, he's been on the field for 57 plays per game and has seen about 8 targets per. he's got the burst to take one or two of his targets to the house. with hogan throwing balls (and especially with britt sidelined), ricardo has big upside this week and a pretty safe floor. so to me he's a pretty safe what-the-heck flex. his consensus ranking around 50 seems way too low. i'd have a hard time ranking him out of the top 36.
  16. i cut corey clement for him. my receivers are pretty skinny and i might even have to start louis this week...
  17. maybe misspelling his name is why this guy is so far off everyone's radar? i'm surprised more people aren't advocating spending some FAAB bucks on ricardo. he's leading the team in snaps, he's getting a healthy amount of targets, he's in his second year and he's got great size and the tools to break the occasional big play. he's near the top of my blind bids this week. seems like he could be a poor man's pierre garcon by season's end and a lot of people are sleeping on him.
  18. don't forget chris johnson. he was just as old and terrible as those other guys!
  19. yeah. watson is starting for me too. thought about it week 4... but now i'm gonna roll with deshaun until matt earns it back. watson's worst game since starting equals ryan's best game...
  20. a future first is nice and that looks like a high pick since the team is 1-4 but... deshaun looks like what you'd WANT that pick to turn into. you'd have to make my team better this year for me to move deshaun. if i was that owner, i'd hit accept pretty fast.
  21. oh yeah. problem is, most teams who have him probably have a capable QB that they'd want to ship off instead. i have matt ryan and deshaun. and i'm more than happy to move ryan... you'd have to blow me away to get deshaun right now.
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