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  1. I searched and didn't find any threads for Dak. I think he deserves his own. I'm really high on him and could see him being the third best QB from this class after Goff And Wentz. Would love to see Denver take him with their first compensatory pick if he's there at the end of the 3rd round--could easily happen as I'm sure he'll slide some due to his DUI. I definitely prefer Dak in round 3 to Lynch in round 1. Thoughts?
  2. SSOG = Some Sort of Genius. This guy get it. Always presents well thought-out and insightful arguments in his posts--the time he must spend doing some of his write-ups is obviously significant--you'll never a half-assed effort from him--and I'd say his desire to make his point sometimes borders on insanity (and I mean that as a compliment). He just plain brings it! Pure GOLD!

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