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  1. I agree with your valuation. Of course, "a solid WR2" is such a huge group... I have the same question between King Henry (in non-PPR) and guys like that. I contend, in non-PPR, he is the RB1. Offers like Henry for Jacobs and Golladay are being laughed at.
  2. Because of this, I actually think the best place for Wilson would be Carolina. He would have Matt Ruhle as the coach and Joe Brady as his OC. And he could sit behind Bridgewater for a year.
  3. Admitting I am not everywhere in Massachusetts, this is the polar opposite of what I see. About the only time I see anyone maskless, it's when they get in/our of their vehicles. (This obviously does not include restaurants - which are sparsely populated.)
  4. Why not get the vaccine? I do not know (and I will readily admin I don't know all about this horrible scourge) that you become immune to it once you've had it. I also don't know that once you've had the vaccine, you'll never get Covid. (In other words, I do not believe this is like the Polio vaccine where once you get it, you're lifetime immune.) ETA - Working at a Mass hospital, I got the set of Moderna shots in January.
  5. This looks pretty sweet. Is it leather?
  6. Zealots Field trade. Traded 1.09 and 3.09 Received 1.08 My thought is I see a clear top 8: RB-Harris, Etienne and Williams WR-Chase, Waddle and Smith QB-Lawrence TE-Pitts I did not want to chance sitting at 1.09 and have them all go 1-8.
  7. With your reasoning, it makes great sense. Also, since Brady will still be playing long after Tua retires...
  8. PPR Traded - Saquon Barkley Received - CEH and Justin Jefferson
  9. Pretty much exactly how I see them also (though I'm not solid on the TEs). Very nice job. Will look forward to the combined list.
  10. I get what you mean. To a guy with Josh Allen, Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert, I inquired about Burrow (he's a Chargers homer and I figured-correctly-he values Allen over Burrow). Also part of this, he said he really values having 3 starting QBs. Fair enough. He wanted me to send Baker Mayfield, my 1.04 and 3.05 to him for Burrow. I countered with Daniel Jones, my 1.09 and 3.05 and it basically floundered from there. I didn't say it but at the cost he wanted, I could just take Lawrence at 1.04 and still be ahead by Mayfield and my 3.05. Hell, in a 1 QB league, I might have be
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