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  1. Not so. I have a 2014 Honda Ridgeline and it drives great. If I had to do it all over again, I'd do it all over again.
  2. Not in the Zealots Field league in which I had tried to move him.
  3. Not tuned into the Lions but if they are typically down quite a bit in the second half of games, won't that force them to pass, thus negating Williams (at least)?
  4. I play in 4 ZF leagues and with the exception of the Superflex league, I'd have traded Stafford for that package.
  5. I would normally agree but we had a couple emails going back-and-forth, in one of which he stated he thought the initial offer was probably fair. In light of that, I suggested he send me a counter-offer. NEVER would have expected something like that.
  6. Couldn't find the old/existing thread, so I started a new one. I had opened a conversation with a heretofore reasonable leaguemate with the foundational blocks being me trading Saquon Barkley and him trading Alvin Kamara. When he semi-laughed off Barkley and a 2022 2nd for Kamara (and actually said "It's probably fair"), I asked him, "So might you have a counter-offer with which we might both be happy?" Here is what he came back with: Alvin Kamara 2022 5th for Saquon Barkley JK Dobbins Michael Pittman Kyle Pitts 2022 1st This IS actually the worst dynasty trade offer I have ever received. By a goodly amount.
  7. This is where I am. My money league draft is tonight. I am #9 in a 10-team snake draft. I will not take him at 1.09 but if he is there at 2.02, I will almost have to take him. I am hoping someone takes him prior to my 1.09.
  8. I still go RB-RB. I feel there are just SO MANY good WRs now.
  9. @Joe Bryant, in the VBD app, I don't see the 'Get Latest Projections' button on the Input page as there had been on prior iterations. Am I missing something - er, missing something else?
  10. The league is non-PPR (Zealots Field). We start 1QB/2-4RB/2-4WR/1-3TE/3DL/3RLB/3DB. For the IDPs, top LBs typically rule the IDP roost; top DEs (like Young) are right after them. The top 20ish (give or take) are usually LBs. Offensive players dominate the IDPs.
  11. Trade was rejected. No response or counter.
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