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  1. Not tuned into the Lions but if they are typically down quite a bit in the second half of games, won't that force them to pass, thus negating Williams (at least)?
  2. I play in 4 ZF leagues and with the exception of the Superflex league, I'd have traded Stafford for that package.
  3. I would normally agree but we had a couple emails going back-and-forth, in one of which he stated he thought the initial offer was probably fair. In light of that, I suggested he send me a counter-offer. NEVER would have expected something like that.
  4. Couldn't find the old/existing thread, so I started a new one. I had opened a conversation with a heretofore reasonable leaguemate with the foundational blocks being me trading Saquon Barkley and him trading Alvin Kamara. When he semi-laughed off Barkley and a 2022 2nd for Kamara (and actually said "It's probably fair"), I asked him, "So might you have a counter-offer with which we might both be happy?" Here is what he came back with: Alvin Kamara 2022 5th for Saquon Barkley JK Dobbins Michael Pittman Kyle Pitts 2022 1st This IS actually the worst dynasty trade offer I have ever received. By a goodly amount.
  5. This is where I am. My money league draft is tonight. I am #9 in a 10-team snake draft. I will not take him at 1.09 but if he is there at 2.02, I will almost have to take him. I am hoping someone takes him prior to my 1.09.
  6. I still go RB-RB. I feel there are just SO MANY good WRs now.
  7. @Joe Bryant, in the VBD app, I don't see the 'Get Latest Projections' button on the Input page as there had been on prior iterations. Am I missing something - er, missing something else?
  8. The league is non-PPR (Zealots Field). We start 1QB/2-4RB/2-4WR/1-3TE/3DL/3RLB/3DB. For the IDPs, top LBs typically rule the IDP roost; top DEs (like Young) are right after them. The top 20ish (give or take) are usually LBs. Offensive players dominate the IDPs.
  9. Trade was rejected. No response or counter.
  10. Saquon. Starting to wonder if he's the "all that" in most dynasty rankings. What would it take for you to ship him out in you're a contender?
  11. @Joe Bryant Please tell us YOUR VBD app will be available again this year.
  12. Looks like a push to me; of course, depending on whether one side was rebuilding or not, I could see it from either side. I really like Gallup's chances starting in 2022.
  13. Just went down in a Zealots Field superflex league I'm in. (Not involved.) 1.03 for 1.06, 2.06, 2022 1st, 2022 2nd At the point of the trade, the first 2 picks were off the board (Lawrence and Fields). = = = = = To me, the team that traded the 1.03 was the clear winner. The team that traded for the 1.03 took Trey Lance.
  14. I had the exact same thing in one of my Zealots Field leagues, except I was able to pry Burrow away for Baker Mayfield, the 2021 4.05, 2021 4.09 and 2022 2nd. And, yes, he was asking for much more throughout the negotiations.
  15. Big time homer pick with Jemar Jefferson going 2.03.
  16. I agree with your first point. I think, even though he would never admit it publicly, Belichick punted last year. He coached them up as best he could but that wasn't the best personnel job he could have done. I could not agree any more with your last point - I'm so tired of Belichick taking people with significant injury histories. I don't expect home run picks every time but I'd be happy as hell with more doubles and triples and not whiffing so often.
  17. Not meaning to call you out, just thought everyone knew how badly they have drafted in the last half dozen years.
  18. Like the Pats draft except I thought 2 4ths was too steep to move from 46 to 38.
  19. Guessing DB in the 2nd is rarely a bad bet. We will not want them to do it, but it is not a bad bet.
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