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  1. Non-PPR IDP Derrick Henry and Odell Beckham for Jonathan Taylor, TJ Watt and 2022 #1 and #2 (the trading owner had the #1 3 years running now)
  2. I surely hope we are not holding dynasty drafts in August.
  3. Say what?? I am a Patriots home and can say this is an untenable position to take.
  4. What might it take to pry Derrick Henry from you in a non-PPR league? Dobbins or Jacobs or Swift plus 1 first round pick? 2 first round picks?
  5. So you go with need over best available?
  6. Are your eggs ever NOT broken at the bottom of a bag?
  7. I got a basic set of Henckles knives (with a block) around 30 years ago. Great knives that I still have. Learning how to maintain them is quite important.
  8. Between Hunt and Hooper (and possibly Harrison Bryant), who else is there to throw to? BTW, would not be surprised to see instances of Chubb in the backfield and Hunt split out wide with Chubb getting the checkdowns.
  9. While I am geeked up for the Captain Marvel and Endgame movies, I hope Captain Marvel in them is not just a Deus Ex Machina case. It would take a lot away if they fell back on “hey, let’s just introduce a character who can resolve everything while on her coffee break”, sort of thing.
  10. I still think it would be awesome for Coulson to make a heroic appearance in Infinity Wars II.
  11. I'll take 0.01% of the gross for every time "bromigo" is uttered and be a bazillionaire.
  12. Um, maybe it would be better 20 years from now if she remembers going to her prom and then GotG2 the next night?
  13. Yes, he wants to do and I'm fairly certain Marvel wants to do it. And then we get to the money...
  14. If Quicksilver is Magneto's son, would his powers have been from Magneto's staff?
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