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  1. I do like White Claw, it's my favorite of the seltzers I have tried. I think the Truly, Bud Light and Corona ones have a weird aftertaste. Favorite flavors are Mango, Grapefruit, Lime and Cherry. I do put a big splash of vodka in it sometimes! Also my husband despises these...says the taste is similiar to what TV static would taste like if someone walked by in the next room and yelled out the name of the flavor! 😄
  2. Thanks for the quick reply...that sounds like way to much time to go through one by one so I think I'll just enjoy my team's win and look for to hopefully a repeat SB Championship!
  3. Second or third year I've done this but I'm in a few other playoff leagues so never spent a ton of time researching strategy on this one. I'm still alive--do I have a chance? LeVeon Bell $9 0.00 0.60 0.00 Tyreek Hill $29 0.00 19.90 26.20 Travis Kelce $34 0.00 28.90 43.30 Harrison Butker $10 0.00 12.30 9.50 Tom Brady $28 30.85 28.15 28.90 Leonard Fournette $11 21.20 19.20 15.90
  4. Thanks for keeping this going...and can we please win soon!? 💰💰💰
  5. Hadn't been on here in awhile and I always have that fear of "oh no...please don't tell me I'm out of $ and they finally won!" 😂 Over 7 years??? We are most definitely due!
  6. Yep...more tickets!! $970 million!? This is what we've been waiting for all these years! BOATLOADS!
  7. Boatloads of out there to be won right now....I think we're due!
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