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  1. I do like White Claw, it's my favorite of the seltzers I have tried. I think the Truly, Bud Light and Corona ones have a weird aftertaste. Favorite flavors are Mango, Grapefruit, Lime and Cherry. I do put a big splash of vodka in it sometimes! Also my husband despises these...says the taste is similiar to what TV static would taste like if someone walked by in the next room and yelled out the name of the flavor! 😄
  2. Thanks for the quick reply...that sounds like way to much time to go through one by one so I think I'll just enjoy my team's win and look for to hopefully a repeat SB Championship!
  3. Second or third year I've done this but I'm in a few other playoff leagues so never spent a ton of time researching strategy on this one. I'm still alive--do I have a chance? LeVeon Bell $9 0.00 0.60 0.00 Tyreek Hill $29 0.00 19.90 26.20 Travis Kelce $34 0.00 28.90 43.30 Harrison Butker $10 0.00 12.30 9.50 Tom Brady $28 30.85 28.15 28.90 Leonard Fournette $11 21.20 19.20 15.90
  4. Yearly update is once again a disaster. (Last year filed complaint with BBB and AT&T and someone from office of president did work out deal for me). This year called 877-777-2454 on 9/16 for deal as I was in last month of $35/month discount, currently paying $92/month for choice w/3 boxes. She offered to do the $35/month discount again for 12 months but no ST discount so I schedule disconnection for last day of billing cycle on 10/1. I call 866-595-2871 4 days later to see if I can get deal with ST included. He only offers me $15/month discount which I tell him is worse than the previous offer and transfers me to different department to try and see if ST discount available. She can't do anything so I hang up. Fast forward to end of month they don't disconnect and withdraw $131. I pull up account and see $15/month credit on the bill so that 2nd guy I talked to withdrew my pending disconnect without my permission. I am livid and call billing department yesterday, he sees notes on my account that say on the 2nd call that "customer changed mind and doesn't want to disconnect". I tell him that is a lie, to pull the recording and see. He believes me and admits that those reps do it all the time because it counts negatively against them if they can't convince people to stay connected! I say WTF!? This guy should be fired but of course no one cares. He offers yesterday to disconnect immediately and I am trying to get confirmation that they are going to refund this $131 payment. He tries and tries to get "manager" to approve that and finally tells me that the fastest way for me to get the money back (instead of waiting for a gift card with the balance) is to contact my bank and tell they that I did not authorize payment to dispute the charge. I reluctantly agree and he disconnects service. Husband goes to bank and they will not do anything without proof of cancellation. Submit email saying we cancelled and then have to jump through hoops with bank with details dates/times of phone calls etc in order for them to dispute the charge. I'm still going to file complaint with BBB but at this point unless it is a super sweet deal I'm not sure we're going back. Signed up for free trial of YouTube TV but picture isn't as good and it's still going to be $70/month with taxes and another $15-20 month to get other channels through firestick. Frustrated as usual with the whole process and unreal waste of time this whole thing is.
  5. Thanks for keeping this going...and can we please win soon!? 💰💰💰
  6. I'm torn on this as well. I have Andrews, Hayden Hurst or Irv Smith. If he's not 100% I wish he would just be inactive to make the decision easier!
  7. DJ Moore arm didn't look good on failed 2 pt conversion Back out there with arm taped
  8. Bears Danny Trevathan broke his arm...graphic video on Twitter. Not good 🤢🤮
  9. Yes, that's the one I used and then the complaint got transferred to the Atlanta office as happened with some others here. It was a bit of a pain but worked out in the end. I did end up speaking with someone from AT&T Office of the President who responded to the BBB complaint. Got the $300 gift card, ST Max, movie channels and about a $30/mo off discount for 12 months. Monthly bill for Choice with 3 receivers approx. $91/month before tax which still wasnt as low as I wanted to be so she eventually caved and gave me an instant $300 credit to help with that.
  10. We have been turned off since Friday or Saturday morning. After numerous hours of BS followed advice from this thread and filed complaints with AT&T and BBB. Just missed a call from my case manager with AT&T Office of the President regarding this matter. What kind of deal did you end up getting as I'm going to be calling her back to see what they offer and wanted to compare....
  11. I'm done...3 different quotes from 3 different people today. Submitted complaints to AT&T office and BBB.
  12. This is by far the most ridiculous year ever doing this. Have since talked to 2 different people now quoting me $91.12/month. Walter from Guatemala initially told me $121 for tv and internet. I'm not sure where the internet came from and why he tried to throw that in. I told them that's gonna be a no from me. Finally decide to call the number the lady last night told me would be the "win-back" reconnect dept for the $74.48 rate. After another long wait on hold the AT&T billing department answered and had no idea what I'm talking about. Still on hold with her trying to get me to the right department but I'm not holding my breath. I've got about 4-5 hours at least invested in this BS now
  13. My saga continues...just tried the other win-back number 855-267-4160. CSR Mark could not pull up my 8 digit account number, said it should be 9 digits and told me to call his co-worker sitting right next to him who could help me at 800-531-5000. I guess I'll try the other win-back number again.....
  14. Yeah this is the first time they told me I would have to log into a website after a certain period of time, they have always been mailed to my house in the past. Also there were other weird comments like when one of the ladies told me that is was for 12 months of service only. She said this is a 12 month service period only and that after 12 months my service would automatically disconnect and I would have to call back in if I would like to continue the service past the 12 months. I'm thinking, yeah I know how this works and that is definitely not how this works! The bill is going to be about $50-$60 more in month 13
  15. I am late to the game this year because I have been dreading the call and putting it off as long as possible. (Have been playing the game for years and have gotten free ST MAX, gift card, big discounts every year. Sometimes husband and I just cancel and sign up in others persons name so as of now we did still have 12 months left on contract...yes I know that doesn't matter at all as that always goes away once you reconnect) So, after reading this year that more people having problems with getting the "deal" we set up disconnect few weeks ago to cancel at end of billing cycle month. Service cancelled as of last night at midnight. I called the win-back number tonight (888-333-0804) We have 4 receivers Xtra package bill just went up to around $156 after first year credits expired. First lady (I think Sam but no one I talked to spoke English very well so I'm not sure) She was fairly helpful and after explaining that we're happy to lower our package to Choice and drop one wireless box so we only have 3 total she immediately offers Free Sunday Ticket Max, $200 gift card for $72.99 month. (before taxes) She confirms that the credit we have on account ($52.37 from the one month of ST we got charged on auto-renew before I cancelled it would still be there and no cancellation fees) I tell her (thanks to this thread) "Well a co-worker of mine who went through this recently got $300 gift card" She pauses about 10 seconds and says yep no problem, you're eligible for the $300 gift card. All in all if I could go back in time I would have taken this deal. (At this point had only waited on hold about 8 minutes to talk to someone and spent about 20 minutes with her) Well I had to push it a little more and said "well my co-worker is also only paying about $38/month plus tax for the same thing after just taking a win-back deal" So she explains that maybe the loyalty dept can add more credits and she wants to check for me. I say ok...then 15 minutes on hold then I start getting the "please hold for the next available agent" I am realizing uh-oh this isn't good. Needless to say I was then connected to cancellation-loyalty dept who had no idea what I'm talking about. I call main win-back number again---wait 10 minutes for a less helpful less english speaking person (I thought she said Paris but apparently it was Lee)...there is no record of my previous conversation with "Sam" so I start over but she can't even access my account. Says her computer needs an update and she needs to talk to a supervisor. Then of course...on hold FOREVER and finally hang up because I think we're disconnected again! I make some work calls and get a weird California number calling me so I click over and it's actually "Lee" calling me back. I think wow, this is nice for a change! She apologizes and I start from the beginning and she quotes me $83.99 for the EXACT same deal. I tell her well...this is worse than last time I'm going to hang up with you and call right back to get someone else! She tells me to hold on she wants to help and then we get disconnected. I'm playing a drinking game at this point and pouring another drink every time I get disconnected or put on hold! I wait 15 minutes and decide to give it another try. Call same number and get "Nellie" I think and I can understand her the least of the 3. She asks how many receivers I need..I say I'll drop one so we would have 3. She immediately quotes $99.48 for choice package which is $5 off per month. I say wait, what?? THIS is your win-back offer? $5 off month? You're kidding right? More what I'm looking for is you add a zero to that and make it $50 off/month with free ST Max and $300 gift card. She pauses for about 20 seconds and says...yeah ok no problem. Throws in movie channels for 3 months and says $74.48/month before tax. I ask for any other discounts she says I have to call loyalty dept after service is reconnected but here's the thing...she doesn't reconnect my service. Gives me a different number to call when I'm ready to reconnect (800-288-2020 and ask for the win-back dept and tell them what day to turn my service back on) Then she says after that to wait 24-72 hours for service to activate then visit www.directv.com/redeem to activate my gift card. I'm so confused...apparently I got the deal but didn't get the deal until I call back a different number. I'm exhausted and too old for this! Oh and moral of the story is sometimes the first deal is the best...I wish I had taken door #1 as that was a pleasant call and I would have only about a half hour invested (all in all I spent about 2-2 1/2 hours on the phone with them)and would have TV back on !
  16. Us too...although I moved from Florida to Minnesota 5 years ago and normally have to draft online now. Damn hurricane messing with our draft this year though
  17. Hadn't been on here in awhile and I always have that fear of "oh no...please don't tell me I'm out of $ and they finally won!" 😂 Over 7 years??? We are most definitely due!
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