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  1. Yeah HS and college and then no racing again until my late 30s. I'm now 41 and some of the flashes of Glory Days sometimes make very brief appearances, but I've learned the hard way that being old is about control. And not seeking that max stress effort on the body. Recovery is by far the hardest part of aging. But then again, if you get into the game late you probably train wiser than a kid would. Nigel
  2. I'm all over the map with what I've considered fast and when. And like others said it's a constant state of adjusting expectations based on age, experience and training. If setting lifetime PRs were my only goal these days I wouldn't enjoy running at all because I will never approach PRs again unless I run a new distance. But I can set age/effort based or seasonal goals and I still enjoy that challenge with myself.
  3. Stepped on the scale today and I'm down to a svelte 167.5
  4. Yikes good luck, FUBAR. One of our daughters got HFMD two summers ago and it's more short term nuisance but it really sucks while you are going through it. My Chiro basically gave me the you look good, only come as needed today. Pinched nerve issue seems to have mostly worked its way out via therapy and PT. On the training front, I'm starting to get into a groove. 5 miles of fartlek yesterday in 33:46 (6:45/mile).
  5. I'm late to the party but Congrats Steve! So cool...
  6. Good luck! I think you're ready for that. Last time I tried a year plus ago I was in low 18s. And you are in better shape than I was.
  7. Agree. If you aren't sucking wind or HR going up dramatically to run the same or slower pace as you progress, seems all good. Maybe the tempo wasn't too fast, MAC. Maybe you got faster.
  8. What these guys said. I like making mine progression tempo runs, dropping the pace as I go. I did 3 mile tempo yesterday and dropped the pace :15 for mile 2 compared to mile 1 and mile 3 was :12 faster than mile 2.
  9. Nice workout. What was rest/recovery in between?
  10. Why is that hard to believe? A lot of the mystique with OJ was how he was remembered as one of the best power speed athletes ever. Even when this happened he was what mid to late 40s? And still a pretty big in shape dude. Seeing 5 foot nothing a hundred and nothing Cuba trying to play him - and all the other actors playing cops, his lawyers etc are much bigger - is tough to swallow. It's bad casting. Agree with this being like a Lifetime movie.
  11. Nice run Jux! You and some other Strava guys inspired me and you asked before so...my first faster effort in months 3 mile Tempo 6:52 6:47 6:15 I didn't really know what to expect and the first Mile plus had a bit of an incline. So I didn't want to burn out and cut the tempo short. Obviously I could've evened out the splits a bit but I know more for next time. I'm happy with this first effort. Now I'm gonna stretch like crazy tonight to avoid injury flare ups.
  12. Sounds like a version of those Ragnar relays, Hang10. Yeah I don't know how much I'd like the running aspect of that but the comradery would be fun. Look at it this way, you got a hard day or workouts in.
  13. Great job, Hang10! I ran 5 on each of Saturday and Sunday for 140 total in January even with the lousy last week. Felt fine on the legs and back running both days. The aftermath - I felt fine Sunday morning after the fact but feel a bit more tingling in the legs and twinging in the back today vs yesterday. Still nothing like it felt a week ago. I saw this weekend that a former teammate ran 12 miles at 7:30 pace after running 2-3 days a week for a month or so and nothing over 6. I go incredibly conservatively and consistently - only go up a few miles a week and get hurt and F'ers like him can do stuff like that and be no worse for the wear.
  14. This doesn't change anything. You will be an executive, so you go in there and DEMAND an office with a shower, and that you will need a two hour lunch break every day. Wala! This is a good idea. Congrats on the offer, Ned.
  15. Injury update - Not Piriformis Syndrome according to my chiros. I got pain in the back first then legs and PS is usually the opposite and then worked me out on different movements that would bother someone with PS and I was ok. Based on XRays alone, both the doc and chiros think it's a lower grade pinch so hopefully I can get this thing worked out. Thinking I'm going to run a little this weekend so I don't lose all the base I was building up. I am not the kind of runner who can take time off and come back like nothing happened. I really want to stop this pattern of half a$$ed training and no racing and just stay consistent, even if I have to run through some things.
  16. I kind of dig winter training in NC and there are Spring races to shoot for. But I've also been much less active than you. I don't think some time off after hitting it hard for awhile is the worst idea.
  17. On the injury front, the steroids (Prednezone) have done wonders for the associated leg pain with my back issues. I may run a little this weekend. In researching a bit more, I see that pinched nerve or sciatica in the back is often really Piriformis Syndrome. Which is related to the hip turning and ties in the back, legs, etc. With my hip issues a couple years ago, I was already wondering if this back/leg stuff is related. Especially since the leg issue acted up after running in ice and snow. Which, by the way, I will never do again.
  18. I have similar stats - slightly taller at just under 5'11 but typically 172-174ish. I've thought about the nagging injuries being a result of carrying too much. But I don't think I can lose a lot. I was 166-168 at my peak old guy shape when I was running low 17 5ks and 1:22 a couple years ago. Even in my college days I was 158-162. I do try to watch quality of what I eat but I also eat a ton.
  19. Dude... No running for how long? My liberal interpretation was not until if/when the steroids clear up leg pain/numbness. I'm sure doc would think longer...
  20. I was diagnosed with a Lumbar Radiculopathy - pinched nerve in the lumbrosacal area. Anyone ever have one of these? They told me Prednesone to reduce pain/numbness in leg, relaxors as needed for my back, PT and worst of all...no running for now
  21. I may have jinxed myself on the health front. Been having some lower back pain/spasms since right after XMas but I've been running through it since it seemed to be muscle. The last couple days I've been having radiating pain on the side of the top of my leg - same side where back pain is. Went to the Chiro today and I'm reluctantly taking today off after a scheduled off day yesterday. Hoping at least the leg pain subsides and is maybe from snow running (?) and not a sign of some nerve/spine issue.
  22. Nice to see you healthy! I've noticed since you've been on Strava that you haven't turned on your speed yet. Is that coming soon? I'm trying to ease back into consistency first but yeah hope to turn on some speed soon. One of my theories is I'm too quick to go back to the speed well before I have enough base and I get nagging injuries as a result. You, on the other hand, just look flat out faster all the time. How you doing that as you age? Did anyone test Jux for EPO?
  23. To be self-indulgent for a minute, I am currently in my most consistent streak of running in quite awhile (knock on wood). Looking forward to getting back on the racing horse this spring!
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