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  1. I switched to Sling a while back, which is good for me because I mostly just watch sports and news and it has RedZone. But holy god is their interface awful. Very painstaking to find channels and for some odd reason some channels cannot be made favorites.
  2. Can someone explain the Arizona and ASU rankings this week? I'm befuddled... ASU loses to Arizona by 6 at Arizona and... ASU only drops 1 spot to #4, which indicates the poll believes they are for real Arizona only goes from 17 to 14, which indicates the poll believes ASU is NOT for real What gives? I was expecting them to be close and both at about #8 and #9.
  3. Dynasty league, my only other options at this point are Braxton Miller and Cooper Kupp. I'm probably leaving him in and taking a 0 if necessary. Would any of you sit him for Miller or Kupp? ...on the bright side I started Kareem Hunt on this team
  4. I'm referring to the ability to quit at the appropriate time, not achievements. Tiger has been dragging golf along for nearly 5 years now. We all know he has no chance of being competitive, yet he keeps teasing the golf world and they take the bait. Romo never did any of that. He was hyped because he was QB of the Dallas Cowboys and he was a lot better than Quincy Carter. Not his own doing.
  5. The sports world needs more Romos and less Woodseses
  6. Only time my Pixel XL gets hot is when it's in the Daydream VR.
  7. Did anybody mention Nothingburger yet? All of a sudden in 2017 this has become a thing to mean a politician who has an idea with no substance. It's everywhere.
  8. I recently got this router: https://www.amazon.com/Linksys-Dual-Band-Wireless-MU-MIMO-EA7300/dp/B01JOXW58I/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1488243247&sr=1-4&keywords=linksys+router Do I like it? Well.. I have Spectrum (Time Warner) and I pay $60ish a month for internet. Had a 10 year old router that was getting me 26Mb/s and figured it was time to replace it. So I put in this router and BOOM.. instant 265Mb/s. It covers the whole house and broadcasts 4 networks (regular and 5G private and guest). Great router.
  9. Right. But CNN is making it look like it's about the ratings. Falling right into the trap.
  10. In general I'm on the media's side with all of this. Trump and his administration are a dumpster fire headed down a path of creating a dictatorship. And my primary news source is CNN... But... CNN is not reporting this well, basically kicking and screaming. It's really easy to say... CNN, you guys are just upset we only let in the traditional major TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) because it hurts your ratings. So you create your own ratings by kicking and screaming about it. Grow up and get over yourselves, you didn't make the list.
  11. ...if you are concerned about the media in this country, please take this survey...
  12. Had the Pixel XL since it came out and 7.X has been very good to me, no issues.
  13. How does the room discount work? I just give them my player card at checkin? I haven't put in a lot of hours there and won't be doing much this trip either. Would they give me a discount at check-in based on my tourney win, assuming I'll be living in the poker room?
  14. Similar to "tackle football" or always saying "the national football league" Somehow, saying things long form is the in thing
  15. Staying at Aria this weekend with the girlfriend. Back to the scene of the crime - I won the $125 NL tourney there last November which was fun. Girlfriend doesn't gamble so that means getting flat out wasted the whole trip, but it'll be good to get away.
  16. as long as he doesn't triple 18 he breaks 80
  17. Not sure if what I meant was clear. I agree with you that he's been a drama queen who fakes pain when he's playing awful. I just think he's been at rock bottom so long that he doesn't need to put on that show anymore. Nobody still believes excruciating pain is the only thing keeping him from being competitive, and he knows it.
  18. Don't think we see this anymore, he's lost a lot of his pride.
  19. I thought it was great. Need to see it again but I think I like it more than TFA. The last 45mins is the best action of any Star Wars movie IMO. The prequels should simply not exist, this is enough pre-ANH for me. Also more proof that Lucas is a horrible director. Now we have 2 movies by other directors (this one by the guy who did friggin Godzilla) that are far superior with the same base material.
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