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  1. You got this! As you said you've come a long way and doing a whole marathon training cycle after all that is an incredible feat in itself. While the latest runs may not have been what you were hoping for, knowing that you did have those impressive runs along the way means that the speed is in there somewhere. Race day is a different beast as I'm sure you know. Stay positive and the speed that's in there will unleash itself.
  2. Amazing job MAC and this BMF effort tells the rest of us that we have no excuses and better HTFU going forward.
  3. Package-schmackage. I definitely never use water with any gel or shot block AND I use ones that are way expired. I feel like a baaaad boy now.
  4. I'm using the Distil Wally Micro. If I carry cash I'll just be loose in my pocket or I'll slip a twenty in between the cards for emergencies. Distil also some other great designs that aren't too pricey. Will never switch back to a back pocket wallet though.
  5. And it was just announced that a 3-week confinement is being proposed here in Paris, perhaps starting sometime next week. Forget going to the south of France, the wife and I are debating heading to my parent's house in Tucson where it's warm and sunny and there is sweet, sweet freedom.
  6. 50 degrees and rainy this morning for my 40k cycle. I think at this point running is going to end up being my cross-training for a little while. My Half Ironman in May was moved and I was able to get a voucher from Ironman to use within the next 4 years. And since pools here have been closed since October I was able to get a deferral to next year on my June Ironman. Only races on the calendar right now are the Transcontinental (4,000km cycling, July) and Monumental in November. Base building on the bike now coming out of hibernation and will gradually sprinkle in more running as we get closer to marathon training kicking off. The hope is that once the Monumental training ramps up my engine will be built up from cycling and I will just need to get the legs adjusted to pounding the pavement.
  7. It's pretty widespread to have them outside of the US as the US is one of the only countries that is heavily reliant on credit cards. Additionally, nice to have a "no fees, true FX rate" one on hand for international travel.
  8. Thanks for this! I was in the area for a bit about 12 years ago but mostly just passing through. We are staying in between Gordes and L'Isle -sur-la-Sorgue, a stone's throw from both. I think the monastery you mentioned is the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque. It's about a 10km walk from our AirBnB so maybe we'll make a day out of it going to/from. Which means I should probably go find a baby hiking carrier...
  9. Ha, man it's nice to visit I'm sure but living here is a grind sometimes. ETA for clarification... I do like living here and appreciate it a lot. But it's a love/hate relationship depending on what we're talking about.
  10. Didn't catch wind of this in time. Would be in for the next one.
  11. Provence region. A bit east of Avignon near to Luberon National Park. We're not looking to do much besides exploring some villages (hoping to find a renegade village that has some cafes open at least) and a few hikes. Just getting away from Paris is sometimes a vacation in itself.
  12. 16km today, which was definitely my longest run since the baby. Easy 4km to meet up with a few friends and then casual chat pace the rest of the way to a coffee shop. Then a bit of a stroll around town with Mrs. H and Baby H to enjoy the sunshine. Let's feeling heavy tonight but some Koval single barrel taking care of that. We just booked 10 days in the south in mid-March for a bit of R&R and a mini training camp. Should be a nice stretch to really get into form.
  13. Same. 60s and sunny this weekend. Maybe I'll even turn a slightly less shade of white.
  14. Salted butter is for bread and topping other delicious foods and it's amazing.
  15. I've never run with music in my entire life but have started to consider it lately. I've got some Jabra 75t Elite Active that should arrive tomorrow and I'm considering it. I mainly purchased them for cycling around this 3.5km loop here in Paris that is closed off to cars (and yes mom, I would only put them in once I am at the loop). BUT, I do want to give running with them a try as well. My main negative has always been having to take my phone with me. So much bouncing around with each step. What do you guys use? Arm bands? Race belt-like things? Neon fanny packs? I've looked at something like this to use instead of a phone.... but seems expensive for this one and only purpose.
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