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  1. Comforting to know that the guy who picked Trubisky, Glennon, and Foles is being given another spin at the wheel. This should work out well.
  2. Boy, Lazor as the play caller made a world of difference. After the bye, Mitch is back I think. But, it doesn’t matter. When you can’t block anyone this is what you get. Year after year, they ignore the offensive line. Just pitiful.
  3. So much for the Bears making the playoffs. They are a good defense with a terrible offense. They have a mediocre QB and a below average offensive line. I’m so sick of listening to the Bears brain trust telling us that the offensive line just needs to play better. They suck. You can’t take a group of below average offensive linemen, and get good results. They can’t run the ball because the offensive line can’t control the line of scrimmage. And they can’t pass protect, so the QB is always under pressure. Nothing is going to change until you get better offensive linemen.
  4. The problem is neither is that good. I’ve said this over and over again this offseason. Foles is what we saw yesterday. He is not what we saw on that magical run in 2018. We saw him with chances to start with the Rams, and the Jags. We saw the same guy we saw yesterday. He is an above average back up QB. If the Bears had a dominate offensive line, and a strong running game, you could score points with Foles as your QB. And with this defense you could flirt with the playoffs. But they don’t have either of those offensive components. The Bears would have been much better off to have gone after Cam, Jameis, or even Dalton. Once again, we have been sold a bill of goods. Last Year they told us the bad play of the o line was coaching. They changed o line coaches. This year, we were told the same thing. And the results are the same. I don’t think Montgomery looks bad, but he is getting no room to run. And the pass pro isn’t great either. At some point they have to recognize that coaching can’t overcome subpar players. Pace And Nagy both insisted that it was the coaching, not the players. So they largely ignored addressing the o line. This is the result of that. Unfortunately, I think the Bears will need a complete reboot. After this season they should move on from Pace and Nagy and start over again. They probably won’t do that. Nagy has two years on his contract after this year. Pace has a contract through 2021. The Bears don’t like to eat contracts. So I’d guess they will limp through next year with Foles, Pace, and Nagy. Then they will hire a new GM, and fire Nagy, and let the new GM hire a new coach. And once again, the Bears will be searching for a QB. But, we have become accustomed to that.
  5. I think this offense was designed more for Foles than Trubisky. Trubisky would have been better if they utilized his mobility. They didn’t. But I think the open receivers that were available for Foles, were there for Trubisky. He either didn’t see them, or he threw and missed them. But Foles is a pretty limited QB IMO. I think those limitations will become more evident as the season progresses. The defense isn’t as good as I thought they would be. The offensive line is as bad as I thought they would be. The next two weeks will tell a lot. Indy and Tampa are both good teams. Let’s see how the Bears match up.
  6. Foles had one magic run in 2018. Every other time he has been given the starting job he has been mediocre. He had starting gigs with the Eagles and the Rams between 2013 and 2105. After 2014 the Eagles let him walk. The Rams signed him, he started 11 games. Then the Rams let him walk. In 2016 he signed with KC as a back up. He signed with the Eagles in 2017 as a back up, he started three games. He had the magical run in 2018 after Wentz got hurt. He signs as a starter in Jax. They replace him after one year. Time and time again he has been given the chance to start, and time and time again teams trade him or let him walk. He is an above average back up QB. That is all he is, and all he will ever be.
  7. Long term, Trubisky is the only option. If Trubisky could pull it together, he has upside. Foles does not. Foles is a guy you hope won’t lose you a game, but he isn’t going to win you games. You hope he can do enough, but your defense and your running game would have to win for you. I don’t think the Bears are good enough to win with that plan.
  8. Trubisky looks the same, unable to throw accurately. I haven’t heard Mack’s name once. Really bad.
  9. Foles has been in the league for eight years. He looked good in 2018 on a magical run. Prior to that he looked like a back up QB. Last year, he looked like a back up QB. So yes, Dalton and Winston would have been better options. Dalton has been an adequate QB. He won’t carry a team but he will provide professional play at the QB position. Winston actually has upside. If you can get him to limit the interceptions, he has great tools. You could sign either to a one year contract, fairly inexpensively. I think either would have been a much better choice.
  10. So Dalton signs a one year deal worth up to $7 million. Winston signs a one year deal worth less than $3 million. And Cam remains unsigned. But The Bears sign Foles to a three year $24 million contract with $21 million guaranteed. Genius.
  11. I really, really hope the Packers decide to move on from Rodgers. They deserve two decades of mediocre QB play like what the Bears have experienced.
  12. Every thing they have done means nothing if the offensive line doesn’t play significantly better than they did last year. There is absolutely no reason to believe they will. Pace looked at the line last year and thought they were fine.They proceeded to play poorly, particularly at RG and at the tackles. They did bring in Ifedi. He is an improvement over what Long was capable of last year, but Long was banged up and ineffective most of the year. Massie and Leno were bad. This year we have a similar situation. Pace is looking at the line and thinking things will be fine. They will not be. Leno and Massie are still bad. While Ifedi may be a bit of an improvement over Long, RG is still a weakness. The offensive line is the Achilles heel of this team, and they have done almost nothing to address that. If you can’t open holes you can’t run the ball, and if you can’t protect, you can’t pass it. Pace just doesn’t seem to recognize that.
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