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  1. Why am I rolling with Arizona over the likes of Pit, NO, or Dallas? Am I that hard for Trey Lance despite his 20pt half last week?
  2. I'm coming into Week 3 with Antonio Brown, Landry, Jeudy, and most likely Higgins on my bench. I need to play 3 WR and WR/RB and WR/TE flex. So, I'm starting Davante Adams, Thielen and Watkins off the waiver wire against Detroit. If Higgins is out, my best options for WR/TE are TIm Patrick vs NJY or Logan Thomas @ Buff, both off the waiver. My dilemma, I've got to drop a player. Jeudy, Landry, or Michael Carter, my 5th RB? I'm struggling between keeping Landry or Jeudy. I could resolve by dropping Carter? Help a guy out. Edit: Eh... PPR
  3. I scheduled an appointment last week for J&J at Potomac Yard on Thursday. I searched Alexandria Dept of Health website and Twitter for updates earlier this morning and finally found one a little over an hour ago. They will be contacting those scheduled for new appointments or a different dose based on availability. Yeah, after Friday's weekly email letting me know that I was preregistered for vaccination and should be receiving my appointment invitation within the next week. Wishing you success tomorrow.
  4. I've been pre-registered for about two weeks and received an email from Alexandria, VA Dept of Health 12:something a.m. yesterday. I was presented with two locations and logged into the closest site around 0830. There was a whole page of appointment times with 10 minute windows. I'm scheduled for the JnJ vaccine Apr 15 1030 at the old Pier One store at Potomac Yard
  5. rogwadd chopped with whodey in PLO. shuke gets the $. zazale shoujld have the correct info.
  6. Thanks, from me and my 1976 Dick Weber Powerball.
  7. Many suggest that the tartar/mayo sauce might be Miracle Whip. I 'member when a grilled cheese with MW was the bomb. Many years ago... probably an acquired taste.
  8. You're mufasa60, correct? We're lucky friends and could benefit from trading. I'm in Alexandria now and miss the group raids in my old Fairlington neighborhood and haven't done any trading in the last year or two (knew a good number of players when I was working in Georgetown). Give me a couple of days to brush up on the trading mechanics. Roger aka sporkalope
  9. Purely from a fantasy perspective...can we put Gesicki behind center?
  10. Less than 22 pts from Tucker and Baltimore D
  11. Please tell me that Gallup's 7 catchs on 11 targets were a result of the matchup? I dumped him this afternoon to fill a flex spot vacated when Chris Carson was declared out.
  12. Waivers are running tonight and Johnson would be my WR4. Trying to decide which WR to drop. Anyone want to rank these ROS for PPR? Keelan Cole, Mecole Hardman, and Emmanuel Sanders. Picked up Cole after losing Sutton to IR. Right now I've got Sanders as my drop. Lookin g for a reason to keep him over the other two. Thanks, y'all.
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