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  1. Many suggest that the tartar/mayo sauce might be Miracle Whip. I 'member when a grilled cheese with MW was the bomb. Many years ago... probably an acquired taste.
  2. You're mufasa60, correct? We're lucky friends and could benefit from trading. I'm in Alexandria now and miss the group raids in my old Fairlington neighborhood and haven't done any trading in the last year or two (knew a good number of players when I was working in Georgetown). Give me a couple of days to brush up on the trading mechanics. Roger aka sporkalope
  3. Purely from a fantasy perspective...can we put Gesicki behind center?
  4. Less than 22 pts from Tucker and Baltimore D
  5. @Otis, just popped my 4th tallboy (not that Bud55 ish) while sending out emails in advance of next week. Planning for football viewing tomorrow and some last minute roster changes. Should I shut it down soon and save that bottle of wine for tomorrow? Disclosure, somewhere on a file backup, I was tracking yours and Zows progress back from 2016? P.S. Booo Colorado
  6. I apologize. I was developing a history of my challenges with work issues and an increase to 217lbs and a 40 inch waist with very lttle consideration to your battles. After years of experience, the secret is to cut down on alcohol and posess a cast iron pan.
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