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  1. I scheduled an appointment last week for J&J at Potomac Yard on Thursday. I searched Alexandria Dept of Health website and Twitter for updates earlier this morning and finally found one a little over an hour ago. They will be contacting those scheduled for new appointments or a different dose based on availability. Yeah, after Friday's weekly email letting me know that I was preregistered for vaccination and should be receiving my appointment invitation within the next week. Wishing you success tomorrow.
  2. I've been pre-registered for about two weeks and received an email from Alexandria, VA Dept of Health 12:something a.m. yesterday. I was presented with two locations and logged into the closest site around 0830. There was a whole page of appointment times with 10 minute windows. I'm scheduled for the JnJ vaccine Apr 15 1030 at the old Pier One store at Potomac Yard
  3. rogwadd chopped with whodey in PLO. shuke gets the $. zazale shoujld have the correct info.
  4. Thanks, from me and my 1976 Dick Weber Powerball.
  5. Many suggest that the tartar/mayo sauce might be Miracle Whip. I 'member when a grilled cheese with MW was the bomb. Many years ago... probably an acquired taste.
  6. You're mufasa60, correct? We're lucky friends and could benefit from trading. I'm in Alexandria now and miss the group raids in my old Fairlington neighborhood and haven't done any trading in the last year or two (knew a good number of players when I was working in Georgetown). Give me a couple of days to brush up on the trading mechanics. Roger aka sporkalope
  7. Purely from a fantasy perspective...can we put Gesicki behind center?
  8. Less than 22 pts from Tucker and Baltimore D
  9. Please tell me that Gallup's 7 catchs on 11 targets were a result of the matchup? I dumped him this afternoon to fill a flex spot vacated when Chris Carson was declared out.
  10. Waivers are running tonight and Johnson would be my WR4. Trying to decide which WR to drop. Anyone want to rank these ROS for PPR? Keelan Cole, Mecole Hardman, and Emmanuel Sanders. Picked up Cole after losing Sutton to IR. Right now I've got Sanders as my drop. Lookin g for a reason to keep him over the other two. Thanks, y'all.
  11. I adopted an older Weber Performer with a stainless steel work surface and have had problems with rainwater collecting in the ash bucket. I started with a Weber 22" redhead with an ash pan purchased in 1994 and stii use. I've never seen water colllecing in the redhead's ash pan. Any ideas why and how to address?
  12. Regionals outside of US, I have near -0-. I picked up 6 or 7 Relicanth at a GO event from Research tasks? when I ventured into Dc last August. I've got a number of Ratquazas I caught last Aug/Sep last year during raids and one Deoxys I caught in DC as well in Dec (maybe a raid as well)
  13. 'Member WORLD SURVEILLANCE GROUP INC"? I think it was formerly known as Globetel and bought into it on a buddy's recomendation back in the 'aughts. Simply speaking, "lighter than air" blimps serving supporting locales lacking Internet...or world surveillance. IIRC, it was covered in the Hub. Didn't end up so well. Wonder if it's worthless yet?
  14. 1^12 didn't work. sporkalope sent
  15. I've held that guy. I don't think it would hold a six pack. Given any thought on panniers? I've got a Topeak rack and a couple bungee cords. I'll use a Jansport pack for a roughly a bag of groceries and have tied a plastic milk crate to the rack to carry a bag of charcoal on occasion. Panniers should work for the office as well. https://banjobrothers.com/collections/panniers/products/minnehaha-canvas-grocery-pannier
  16. That's odd. I have a 100% Machamp with Counter/Dynamic Punch and got crushed quickly. I powered up a 76% Giratina with Dragon Breath/Dragon Claw to 2809. It's a tank. Finished Gio off with a level 33 Mamoswine Powder Snow/Avalanche and a Thunder Shock/Wild Charge Raiku, level 29. A perfect level 31 Lucario with Aura Sphere charge move got beat pretty quickly too against Persian.
  17. You' want to tap your avatar in the bottom left corner. Tap "Friend"s at the top of the next screen, then "Add Friends". The 12 digit number at the top is your trainer code that you can send out to folks you want to friend. If you want to add someone, enter their trainer code at the center of the screen. You should be good to go. You should get a notification when someone adds you or sends a friend request. I can't recall, but I'm sure you'll also see any required action when you go to your friends screeen tosend and/or receive gifts. sporkalope My trainer code is 4892 0340 6451
  18. @shuke, like this? The way we rolled back then. '64 Biscayne cross country to Washington State.
  19. Wow, talk about really wasting time. You ever stick around and watch it return back to normal? wonder what the egg meant? I rode a plane down to visit parents in Savannah two weeks ago a bit after the special research task started and I needed to win 15 raids. I live near 4 gyms and can spin a pokestop from my couch in S. Arlington VA. There was nary a gym or stop in my parent's 'hood on Wilmington Island
  20. I love to limp in on the blinds with 2-7. Suited gives me pause. I've noticed some players value their aces, regardless of kicker.
  21. I had to grab some coffee. I don't know what the interface for battles is, but does opponent get an option to rematch, or is it just challenger? I've got a number battlers with good moves, but am weak in my guys' strengths/weaknesses other than rock, paper, scissors. With league closed, you're my first after finishing my last raids yesterday. I've got 10 battles left. Didn't want to spam you, but hit me up in 45 minutes. Ultra? I've been assembling a few teams, but am gonna have to spend some stardust. Anyone else, I'll do groups of five. sporkalope
  22. I'll help out. I need to win 2 raids which will happen today to move to the next task. I spent a week with family in Wilmington Island at the beginning of the month with near zero gyms. I'll touch base this afternoon. sporkalope
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