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  1. It's been a while since I updated with pictures - but we got the 2 rooms in the basements framed in and the dry wall is now up! The past few days we've had mudders come through and its starting to look pretty nice! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-kKR20KKY05JJDvLZUqVYac0pqfOyGrD/view?usp=sharing I didnt include any mudding pictures, but those arent really special anyway. After everything gets finished mudded/sanded this week, Painting will take place around THursday or so! Will report back at that time!
  2. Perfect - there's 4 HDMI inputs with my Q8DT , 1 is for Gaming (I'll have the XBOX ONE hooked up there for now), 1 is the eArc, then there are 2 more inputs, I'll have the HDMI Switch in one, but wasnt sure if I should put Cable in the other or not. I'm looking into potentially a new Bluray player as well, I saw the one you recommended somewhere in the thread which I'll have to check out
  3. I'm hoping that having both devices from the same manufacturer will help the devices communicate with each other better - we'll see!
  4. Thanks Andy - I meant to say switch instead of Splitter/Receiver, that's my fault! So I'll have the 1 HDMI port with the Switch, 1 HDMI port for the eArc, does it make a difference if any devices are hooked directly to the TV? Appreciate the insight fellas!
  5. Made a series of purchases: TV: Samsung Q8DT (I think its just the version of the Q80T that the big box stores sell, I'm not aware of any other discernable difference) Sound Bar: Samsung HW-Q70T Streaming Device: Fire TV Cube I have alot of devices I plan to hook up to this bad boy once my basement is completed. I'll have a XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, Fire Cube, Cable Box, etc... I want to use the eArc capabilities that the soundbar can utilize, but I'm a bit of a noob as to how to set that part up. It sounds like that I'm going to need to invest in an HDMI splitter so I ca
  6. I thought Spillane looked good too - however w/ ample time to look at the tape I'm sure TEN will find ways to exploit our ILB with their TE group. I'd personally like to see Ulysees Gilbert in there - all reports indicated he looked great in training camp but has been a healthy scratch for most of the season (my guess is maybe due to special teams). I'm sure they'll have the ILB group in rotations with Spillane, Gilbert and Marcus Allen to make up for Bush's production.
  7. Per Rapaport - Martavis has been Partially reinstated by NFL - allowed to participate in Preseason activities - "still evaluating" for regular season
  8. oof Set to visit Tampa next if he doesnt stay in JAX
  9. 5 stars -- :drunk dialed:

  10. Well informed, deep analysis of Arizona and the outlooks are well thought out. Will definitely refer back to him for inside information as well as questions about the team!

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