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  1. It's been a while since I updated with pictures - but we got the 2 rooms in the basements framed in and the dry wall is now up! The past few days we've had mudders come through and its starting to look pretty nice!


    I didnt include any  mudding pictures, but those arent really special anyway. After everything gets finished mudded/sanded this week, Painting will take place around THursday or so!

    Will report back at that time! 

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  2. 1 minute ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    Your TV should have two or three HDMI inputs. You can use one for the switch and the others for other components. You would then just select whichever HDMI you're using from the TV.

    There is ONE eArc output that will go out to the sound bar.

    Perfect - there's 4 HDMI inputs with my Q8DT , 1 is for Gaming (I'll have the XBOX ONE hooked up there for now), 1 is the eArc, then there are 2 more inputs, I'll have the HDMI Switch in one, but wasnt sure if I should put Cable in the other or not. I'm looking into potentially a new Bluray player as well, I saw the one you recommended somewhere in the thread which I'll have to check out

  3. 1 hour ago, Andy Dufresne said:

    I don't get your setup. Why are you using a receiver with the sound bar?

    How it works is your TV sends the signal from your source through the TV eARC connection to the bar without loss/compression. So you don't need a reciever.

    If you have more devices than you have inputs to your TV, what you're looking for is an HDMI switch, not splitter.

    So...devices connect to the switch, switch to the TV, TV to the sound bar. And Bob's your uncle.

    Thanks Andy -  I meant to say switch instead of Splitter/Receiver, that's my fault!

    So I'll have the 1 HDMI port with the Switch, 1 HDMI port for the eArc, does it make a difference if any devices are hooked directly to the TV?

    Appreciate the insight fellas!

  4. Made a series of purchases:

    TV: Samsung Q8DT (I think its just the version of the Q80T that the big box stores sell, I'm not aware of any other discernable difference)

    Sound Bar: Samsung HW-Q70T

    Streaming Device: Fire TV Cube

    I have alot of devices I plan to hook up to this bad boy once my basement is completed. I'll have a XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, Fire Cube, Cable Box, etc... I want to use the eArc capabilities that the soundbar can utilize, but I'm a bit of a noob as to how to set that part up. It sounds like that I'm going to need to invest in an HDMI splitter so I can use the dedicated eArc port with the sound bar, and have alot of the other HDMI options hooked to the hdmi receiver. 

    Am I thinking about this right? 

    I was thinking of these switches here and here

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  5. 11-18-20 Update

    Took down the builder grade hillbilly setup that was previously in there with the outdoor fencing that was down there previously

    Also, my neighbor plumber saved about 4" of length  by re-routing the plumbing, upgrading some of the piping and getting it closer to the wall. 

    Also we received our electric fireplace from Amazon - box looks like it got a bit roughed up in transit, hopefully there's no damage!

    Progress pictures here:

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  6. Hey Everyone - starting a project in a couple weeks to finish my basement - we bought this house 3 years ago and it had an unfinished basement - plan is to convert 1/3 of the room into an office for me and the other 2/3 as a family room with a big TV (65") and an electric fireplace

    I uploaded some pictures for y'all to check out: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18YOI4Vp5-ffdz5nQF9uxvFtFRNvRIF6_?usp=sharing

    The first item to happen is for the water supply being tucked inside of the wall about 8-10 in. The previous homeowner for some reason put up fencing to where the windowsill is in the basement - this is where my office is going to go. The office will be from where the big window is, to where the entrance to the room is.

  7. As an aside, I'm soliciting for suggestions on Soundbars - looking for best bang-for-your-buck (and something that kids/wife will be able to use easily).

    I've had a bad experience with Vizio soundbars before (with bluetooth subwoofer cutting in/out) - so any suggestions on which way to go would be great!

    I was looking at the Samsung HW-T60 on Sams Club, but if anyone has any suggestions that'd be great! Hoping to stay <$300

  8. 21 hours ago, JaxBill said:


    Do it. I stream my TV and with the refresh rate sports don't have that jumpy streamed look. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    I convinced the Mrs. and got the green light for the 65" Samsung Q80T - was thinking about waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday to pull the trigger on the order (basement probably wont be finished until beginning of December.

    I have Comcast/Xfinity, will I have issues w/ the refresh rate on live sports (I hope not!)

  9. 1 hour ago, steelers1080 said:

    There's rumors about the Steelers and Davis from Detroit, apparently Tomlin really liked him coming out of school and Detroit isn't really using him "due to Patricia's scheme". Everything I've seen from the Steelers is that they're rolling with Spillane, but we'll see if that changes if the Def has a poor showing this week. 

    I honestly thought Spillane looked good in limited time last week, but I didn't break down the tape play by play. Has anyone seen an in-depth breakdown of how he did?

    I thought Spillane looked good too - however w/ ample time to look at the tape I'm sure TEN will find ways to exploit our ILB with their TE group.

    I'd personally like to see Ulysees Gilbert in there - all reports indicated he looked great in training camp but has been a healthy scratch for most of the season (my guess is maybe due to special teams). I'm sure they'll have the ILB group in rotations with Spillane, Gilbert and Marcus Allen to make up for Bush's production.

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  10. Anyone ever purchase a Samsung Q80T? I am going to be finishing the basement over the next month or 2 and am looking for opinions on TVs

    The room will be pretty dark w/ minimal sunlight hitting the screen (not sure if that's a big deal anymore), TV will be used mostly for watching sports, movies and video games. The last TV I bought was a Vizio 47" in in 2010, pretty sure whatever TV I get is going to blow my mind. Looking for a 55-65" probably, and budget is between $1000-1800ish.

    TVs I have my eye on so far are the Samsung Q80T & Sony X950H.


  11. 10 hours ago, FreeBaGeL said:

    Sony gets the goaline carries and Walton gets the passing down work so they kind of cancel out in that respect.  Walton could have that 14-45 rushing but another 5-43 receiving as easily as Sony could have those TDs.  It's kind of a toss-up to me and if anything Walton may have the better floor.

    Was at the Steelers/Dolphins game this week - Walton was in on a few goal line downs (including the TD passes to Albert Wilson and helping push Allen Hurns in the end zone)

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  12. I have a 9 yr old Chocolate lab - we recently rescued a 1.5 yr old chocolate lab and decided to go with Authority's All Life Stages Salmon blend dry food and are very impressed with the quality.


    There was noticeable improvement in the coats of both puppies within a few weeks.

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