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  1. I noticed they ran Cohen out wide numerous times during the game with Howard in game - makes sense given the state of the CHI WR corps.
  2. No worries - while Steelers typically have a propensity to play to the level of their competition, I worry about CHI's running game since the defense is playing MUCH better than it has in past years. With the dearth of talent available at WR for CHI, Cohen could definitely be a beneficiary. If Steelers are without Watt or have Dupree at less than 100%, and they get Cohen in space and matched up against LB's not named Ryan Shazier (who has a history of sometimes missing tackles), it could spell trouble for PIT, but a good day for Cohen. What I suspect will happen is that PIT gets up
  3. Oddly, Stephon Tuitt only played one series before getting hurt & Bud Dupree was inactive due to injury.
  4. They have improved - but depending on health of LB's (TJ Watt specifically and Bud Dupree), there could be some trouble there
  5. The intermediate passing game for NE was working really well, and always works well to TBH - I own Cooks and while I wish he was part of the festivities yesterday I know that he'll get his soon enough when teams have to bring more players inside to stop the short-passing game, which will free up Cooks.
  6. Steelers traditionally lights-out in openers in recent years - normally always play solid at HOME. Bradford/Diggs/Cook will be a challenge and they will get theirs, although I think players to watch for this week on offense are Martavis, Eli Rogers & Jesse James. The Vikings have a stout run D and Xavier Rhodes will likely be on Antonio most of game (not sure if he shadows or not). Martavis is going to need to stretch field vs. Trae Waynes to take top off of the defense, while Eli & JJ need to win their control middle of field to be Ben's safety valve. Bell is going to have a
  7. Thanks guys on snap #'s - are we expecting this # to go up when CHI is behind since he is the superior pass catcher?
  8. Steelers DE Stephon Tuitt's injury is NOT season ending per Ian Rapoport. The injury is being characterized as "Week to Week" internally.
  9. Does anyone have the CHI RB snap counts from yesterday yet?
  10. Myles Garrett High Ankle Sprain, likely OUT vs. Steelers, could be multi-week per Schefter
  11. What a mess - I can see them being cautious with Rawls and give majority of Week 1 carries to Lacy/Prosise since they are healthier
  12. Acquired him via trade - how serious is his ankle injury? Just a precaution being held out of a Tues. practice?
  13. Also - thing I like about signing - Schefter said he turned down more lucrative deals so he could become a Steeler. Always want someone playing for you who wants to be there, not just because you are the highest bidder.
  14. Key figure in this deal: 1 yr, $7 mil. I am assuming nothing is guaranteed after yr 1, can move on if not up to par. It is well worth the risk to improve your CB corps in my opinion
  15. per Schefter, looks like a deal agreed upon: Steelers to sign ex-Brown Joe Haden 3 yrs $27 mil, $7 mil guaranteed yr 1
  16. Per Aditi Kinkhabwala & Ian Rapoport - FA Joe Haden traveling to Charlotte to meet with Steelers ahead of Thursday's exhibition in Carolina.
  17. Strengthens position that is considered weak link on Defense, Cockrell and Sensabaugh don't appear like the answers for this upcoming season. Given Steelers win-now mentality in twilight of Ben's career, & considering investment would be minimal due to Browns commitment subsidizing the signing, I would endorse this move. Haden likely not player that he was in his prime, but likely will enhance the CB corp until Cam Sutton gets more seasoning.
  18. Steelers in mix for CB Joe Haden, and are now considered heavy favorites to land him per Schefter & Josina Anderson.
  19. I'm push mowing 3/4 acre on hilly terrain - you'll be ok SALLY!
  20. I think guaranteed to Devonta was 2 yr $22 mil guaranteed
  21. Just started re-watching series from the beginning - amazing so many things I missed during initial watch-through
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