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  1. 5 stars -- :drunk dialed:

  2. Yes sir, senior year. Just got done doin some Rock Band -- winding down for the evenin, feelin pretty good about my night. Had 6 classes today, kinda nice to unwind.
  3. Soco & Coke w/ Sweet and Sour Mix. Checking in. Anyone else out there?
  4. Horrible Horrible News.... My wishes go with the family and those connected to Sean Taylor. RIP Sean Taylor A man with so much more to contribute on the field with the Washington Redskins, and especially off of the field with his new family. Truly a tragedy.
  5. Well informed, deep analysis of Arizona and the outlooks are well thought out. Will definitely refer back to him for inside information as well as questions about the team!

  6. Let me chime in! I have a 10 gal. tank with 3 black tetras, 2 orange serpaes, 2 silver tetras, and 3 ghost shrimp. I have a couple of plants, a rock, and a vase (decoration). im looking to add a gibberus, I've had the tank for about 1 month and a half. any suggestions?
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