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  1. Martavis will be eligible to play on the 2nd Sunday of each week.
  2. Per Rapaport - Martavis has been Partially reinstated by NFL - allowed to participate in Preseason activities - "still evaluating" for regular season
  3. Martavis has been cleared for PRESEASON activities (including games, practices, etc) per Ian Rapaport - still not FULLY cleared for regular season...
  4. This weekend's projects: Saturday - Installed a new grill, which has a pretty funny customer review on Amazon from someone who purchased it. Also Saturday - got the driveway sealed Sunday - my Dad and I installed a new railing on front porch, looks so much better than the makeshift wooden one that was up whenever we purchased it.
  5. Steelers to extend Mike Tomlin's contract per Ed Bouchette twitter
  6. Steelers resign Alejandro Villanueva to 4 yr deal per Schefter
  7. Pretty sure that Colbert's focus will shift to (in no particular order) Tuitt, Villanueva, & Shazier
  8. Just bought a new house a few weeks ago so I am sure I will be a frequent guest of this thread Just installed Nest 3rd Gen last week - going to install some floating shelving this weekend. Going to try and do some home automation as well, but need a good SmartHub. Anyone have any suggestions? I was leaning towards Samsung SmartThing or Wink. Basement is decent size (we have a split-level home) and is partially finished (already has a finished bathroom which is nice), will be dry walling in next 24 months Backyard has a massive landscape feature that is overgrown w/ weeds, going
  9. Also of great interest is LT Alejandro Villanueva - he needs to be locked up soon as well!
  10. I like the Watt pick personally - I hope 2 out of our 3 picks tonight are picks to improve the defense - a corner and an ILB would go make me a happy camper.
  11. Dipping my toe into the water: SNAP RST SIRI
  12. My 3 Y.O did this when he was 2 as well. He went around telling everyone how much he loves his Monster F###s
  13. The question we are all waiting for is when you do go on your date, do you plan to go in the new Saints Color Rush John Kuhn jersey, A Deuce McCallister jersey circa 2003, or a throwback Archie Manning?
  14. With Dez hurt I am starting him over Tajae Sharpe
  15. Liked the premiere episode, looking forward to what rest of series has in store.
  16. 3 y.o. having problems with diaper rash (yes I know, we are trying to get him potty trained). My wife was changing him downstairs when I come downstairs and says, "Daddy! Do you see my toot?" He calls his butt his "Toot" now.
  17. Per NFLN's James Palmer (twitter: @JamesPalmerTV), Andy Reid said in a press conference Jamaal Charles will be listed as Doubtful for Sunday
  18. I played him over Allen Hurns, Eli Rogers and Will Fuller last week, doing the same again with the favorable matchup this week as well.
  19. MODS - change thread title to *** OFFICIAL *** FBG WeatherGuys, NFL Fashion Trends, Alternative Vodka Uses, Anti-American Cheese and Hugs Discussion Thread TIA
  20. Way to go NRJ! Thanks for bringing the FFA along for this ride With that being said, everyone, GROUP HUG!!!!
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