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  1. Slice how, like swiss cheese? Or more of a smoked gouda? BIG mistake if its Swiss
  2. I read this post like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoMmbUmKN0E
  3. The way you have a blatant disregard for sleeves... I think she can connect those dots...
  4. Help Me Woo My Neighbor: Wholesome family fun the entire board can enjoy!
  5. In baseball terms it was an IBB, he intentionally got lured outside by Marisa to exchange a hug He was "invited" to first base (LA Style)
  6. 82 Degrees, Barometric pressure of 29.64, Winds moving SSW @ 15 MPH, Partly Cloudy, Humidity at 78%, Dew Point at 75 degrees --- wait, you didn't get all that?
  7. In football terms, I equate it to dropping a pass for a first down, but there was pass interference on the play. So he got the first down w/o the completion and moved the chains.
  8. I'd have to say, if you guys didn't live near each other it'd be on. I think there is a lot of mutual interest going on here but treading lightly will likely be best case for everyone. Much to the chagrin of the rest of us deviants.
  9. What if they come up with a really creative handshake like Minor League Ball players have? That would be pretty bad ### actually
  10. My guess: NRJ sent over his child, rang the doorbell, and ran away. Left at the doorstep was a Huggie flavored water beverage leftover in the fridge from Halloween 2014 with a note saying. "Dearest Marisa, Huggies always go down smooth. Cheers. xoxo NRJ"
  11. Yeah, that's great - but how many Yards/TDs/INTs would you say he threw?
  12. You are missing mesh Steelers practice shorts with logo with an officially licensed Terrible Towel stuffed in your pants
  13. What's the plan for Sunday's Saints game? Do you go to the games, or do you normally have a get-together with your friends? If not, maybe inviting the families over for a cookout/tailgate to watch game may be a chance to sneak in some subliminal physical contact with her, a touchdown hug or high fives during a big play with everyone?
  14. Caught 8 Eevees already today, they are everywhere!
  15. I've been out of the game for some years now, but what about after-work Happy Hour? I know the obvious issue of this is both of you with kids potentially in daycare/school/etc , but a happy hour right after work could be just what the doctor ordered. It's not an actual date per se, but this way you can incorporate some alcohol to help shoot the #### about the less serious stuff (like the new Saints apparel collection NIKE is offering this year) and learn a different side of her you otherwise wouldn't in a "coffee date" type scenario.
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