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  1. Metro Raleigh - 31% of stations are empty according to gas buddy guy on Twitter.
  2. I sold a car to Vroom less than a year ago. They offered more than I paid. Was simple. Accepted the offer and mailed in my title and maybe my spare key. They sent someone to pick it up and I got a check 2 days later.
  3. NCAA CBB Championship at @CircaSports - $30k app limit 812 Gonzaga -4.5/160 vs Baylor
  4. Was coming here to post this. Got mine today. You can do it without the dummy email but still have to send someone the $5 AGC. There is a link you can drop the code in and it will attach to your MLB account that you already have.
  5. I don’t watch basketball or play fantasy football so don’t need the subscription if I win but I entered anyway.
  6. Signed up for a same day appointment and received the J&J shot today in NC. I was technically in an eligible group even though I can and will continue to work from home but there are more shots than people getting them at this point. Can pretty much pick any time you want on any day so don’t feel like I took a shot from someone.
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