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  1. NCAA CBB Championship at @CircaSports - $30k app limit 812 Gonzaga -4.5/160 vs Baylor
  2. Was coming here to post this. Got mine today. You can do it without the dummy email but still have to send someone the $5 AGC. There is a link you can drop the code in and it will attach to your MLB account that you already have.
  3. I don’t watch basketball or play fantasy football so don’t need the subscription if I win but I entered anyway.
  4. Signed up for a same day appointment and received the J&J shot today in NC. I was technically in an eligible group even though I can and will continue to work from home but there are more shots than people getting them at this point. Can pretty much pick any time you want on any day so don’t feel like I took a shot from someone.
  5. Just a gun I never used but picked it up and had some really good games with it. I don't follow all the changes they make so wouldn't know if it changed.
  6. Just put up my highest damage game ever. 2,653. Was an 11 kill, multiple revive and respawn my teammate masterpiece.
  7. Bought a ridge wallet years ago and never used it. Just put a card or two in my pocket. May dig it out this weekend and give it a try.
  8. Didn’t read the replies so may have been posted. Go read the leasehackr forums. Always Mazda CX-5s for less than that.
  9. Bet a bunch of the multiple item player props on Bovada. Went heavily KC on them. Need every player to get 100+ receiving yards and a TD or two. Don't care if they were dumb. Watching the game with my son and rooting for offense. Heads 1Q O10 1H O27.5 Hill 200+ receiving yards and a TD +3300 Either QB 500+ yards +3300 Mahomes & Brady 900+ passing yards, 70+ completions, 5+ passing TD +7500 Kelce and Evans 200+ receiving yards and 2 TDs each +9000 Both teams to score 10+ points in each half, Brady and Mahome 275+ pass yards each, Chiefs -6.5, 50+ poin
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