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  1. Great real-life QB, fun to watch, he can ball and they like to throw. He has a great and consistent year-end season total. Have you ever owned the guy? I owned him last year...my league scoring of course (6pt TD) points/Home/Away 38H_14A_29H_27A_19A_15H_14A_20H_16A_16A_20H_25H_40A{Green Bay]_25H_18A_8H. Notice any trends? On the road, he just can't play for some reason. Every year. Check the data. ATL Dome - usually lights out, but not always. You lose your week if ATL is on the road and you are up against a Top 3-5 QB. And I see 2 big weeks where he might carry you to a W. Only 2. A
  2. This vaunted run defense for Detroit...take a look at the opponents...not exactly a murderer's row: Giants Week 1- the exception Panthers - historically mediocre run game; typical J-Stew and D-Will injuries Packers - Lacy slow start and ineffectiveness Jets - enough said Bills - much respect, but not as dynamic as prior years Vikings - meh
  3. Its funny how all coaches that don't use our fantasy RBs correctly are morons. I'm guilty of it too with Arian's but its just funny how that happens. So funny and so true...still laughing. I've caught myself thinking I could do better than the actual coach - by feeding my FF players an infinite # of targets/attempts. e.g., I mean why not throw it to Megatron every down? He will catch every one of your bad throws too! If I coached the Lions they would never lose.
  4. What if the Browns pledged to start Johnny against the Saints? In return, Gordon gets 1 game w/ time served. The NFL wants JF to JG very badly. Everybody wins. #FreeJoshGordon
  5. If I may (Clevelander here FWIW): The next story Mary Kay Cabot breaks will be her first - widely regarded throughout Cleveland media as a nincompoop. Frozen out by the team on real news, I believe she is a propaganda machine used by the Browns to do their bidding. The Browns news I get from her is almost always via other sources not named Mary Kay. Doesn't mean she's wrong though, to be fair. If its 10 games and I am Gordon I sue and get a temporary injunction. The Hail Mary. Believe he can hit the field if judge agrees.
  6. I just locked in Rudolph over Graham as well. Been burned by a "tough" Graham before. Nearly 3 weeks and still "practicing" off to the side - as JW2W so eloquently summarized/theorized - I completely agree with his theory. Pass; as the reward is just not worth the risk as I see it.
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