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  1. and these are decisions that cost you championships
  2. With a better match up, I probably would. As it is, I'm sticking with Drake.
  3. I had Zeke and Pollard on the bench for Drake and JRob. Sticking with it.
  4. He's completely TD dependent though, always a bit scary.
  5. I was all set to go with Drake, this makes me second guess that. Now I'll just flip flop between him, Robby Anderson, and Landry for the next 24 hrs.
  6. Seems odd to sell so low when Dak will be back next year, along with Martin, Smith and the rest of the o line.
  7. This has been talked about a lot. Jags have a TON of needs, and RB doesn't appear to be one of them right now. I'd be shocked if the took a RB in the first half of the draft.
  8. I'd feel a lot better rolling Drake out there with Chase taking the day off. Make a lot of my game day decision a bit easier.
  9. This terrifies me. I've got other options (Landry, R. Anderson, Fournette, Zeke), but all those targets are hard to sit
  10. I mean, kinda. Lamar has a great match up. Tua has to deal with Belicheck and Cousins gets a solid Bears D that held Watson in check last week. I also have Cousins and I'm starting Lamar with zero hesitation.
  11. They can if the WR is 24 and in their second year in the league. Dude is always open, he just needs to know the drop stuff can't happen. Tomlin said he reacted appropriately, didn't pout, and waited for his next shot. Edit: sorry this is a Claypool thread. Got sidetracked.
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