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  1. It can be terrifying. I had moments where I just made him pull the car over and switch with me because of the dumb #### he was doing. Told him that driving was more than likely the only time in his life when he'll have the lives of others in his hands and that he better take it seriously because that's not something he wants to live with if it goes wrong. He's gotten to the point that he was pretty good around town and have no problem with him driving. However, he's 18 now, been licensed for about a year and a haf and still give a mumble 'thanks' to myself each time he gets home safely. For example, he still isn't seasoned enough to do interstate / tollway driving comfortably and ended up on one the other day because that's how Waze had him get from point A to point B. He did it, but I my stomach was dropping while he was telling me about it.
  2. Friend's band covered Last Goodbye, so it stands out to me, but not much wrong with LID
  3. Maybe my all-time favorite punk song Faction - Tongue Like A Battering Ram :cab:
  4. Tell her to mind her own ####### business or she'll be looking the same
  5. Honestly? Is this panel of students supposed to be the shining examples of what the student body is and not the idiots ditching class and vaping weed behind the gym? If so, I think you need to have a little chat with yourself about where your children are being educated, because the results suck
  6. Your son willing to schtoop the teacher once or twice? Nothing like a good teacher / student sex romp coming to light to ruin someone's life
  7. So black and white works in some instances and not others? F that, burn the whole thing down. School board, here you come.
  8. Honestly, I'd just jump all the way to the principal / dean about the NHS stuff. F the teacher and the advisor. Show someone with an ounce of brains the evidence that his requests were refuted and him not getting 3 hours was obviously not due to lack of effort. I'd be doing everything I can make their lives even just a little bit more difficult.
  9. The daughter thing will blow over. Sucks, but lesson learned about trusting people with their word. The black and white crap that the advisor is falling back on is a pathetic snapshot of what our culture has become. Policies like that are in place because, sadly, we either don't allow people to think for themselves or hire people that are simple incapable of doing it. Its maddening.
  10. How about you show a little bit of restraint and just not open the thing?
  11. While the MLB big league team gets the lowest % of sport related income among the big 4, MLB franchises probably have the most expenses when it comes to maintaining their organization. Guaranteed contracts, more travel, 80 home games, 5 levels of minor leagues (yes some of these expenses are handled by the farm team themselves, but there's still a cost), etc. I'm not going to argue that these guys shouldn't hit FA earlier. Not getting rid of a year of arb was the first thing I laid at the MLBPAs feet when I said there was an argument for the deal being bad, but they're also partially to blame for not keeping their house clean during the PED years and expanding the prime years and lifespan of their members.
  12. Mike Lowell just mentioned that no one's going to be crying about someone making $17m over 2 years when talking about the Todd Frazier deal. Then I laughed thinking about some of the people in here
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