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  1. The obsession you have with moving on from Hurts, especially after that week 1 performance is about as puzzling of a take as I've ever seen on these boards. Brissett, Mariotta, and Bridgewater... seriously? This is what we're talking about?
  2. Please name 15 RBs more talented than Swift.
  3. If the pick isn't one of Chase/Smith or perhaps even Pitts I'm not sure how many snaps of Eagle football will be worth watching this year. This past season was some of the most mundane football I've seen in 20 years and quite frankly I dont want to spend 4 hours on my only day off of the week watching such dysfunction. The rebuilt staff does give me a glimmer of hope that they wont be out of the hunt by mid-November... like most pundits will probably predict.
  4. The proof is in the tape. Hes extremely talented.
  5. Eagles take it with 7 wins. Wentz is finally rounding back in form and took two of the best teams in the NFL down to the wire, beat SF on the road. They will get some key pieces back soon. Wentz vs Foles Rd 1 of the wild card round.
  6. This is Jones backfield. Young and explosive. Fournette was a cheap depth signing as there was nothing worth a damn behind RoJo. However Fournettes ankle is pieced together with Elmer's glue and scotch tape. RB1
  7. Hes cooked. We saw shades of serious decline last season. This year hes fallen off a cliff. He doesnt get open/and isnt fighting through contact to make catches. Hes basically a giant marshmellow wide reciever at this point because he sure as hell cant block. Hes giving the Eagles nothing right now and is pouting like a spoiled brat. Get what you can for him before Goedert/Reagor/Alshon/DJax come back because it's only gonna get worse.
  8. Thought he looked pretty solid last night. Showed his RB2 upside. Still plenty of juice in those legs for anyone worried about that.
  9. Trequan/Hardman/MVS/Boykin Guys available who should be rostered by an Adam's owner who is waiting out this GTD.
  10. Is this toe situation something that can develop into turf toe?
  11. Wow he made their best 3 players miss on that run.
  12. Excellent points. Davis holds some value even when CMC comes back. Might be able to sell him to the CMC owner for a decent return.
  13. The run game was and is still a #### show.
  14. 14 team league notables: M. Davis went for $52 (2nd highest $48) Kellan Cole $28 (2nd highest $24) Gallman $6 Allie-Cox $5 Nothing else worth mentioning
  15. Spent 50% faab on this guy - 14 team league - 3 FLEX. 5 of my first 6 picks are out this week and beyond. Didnt see any other choice other than to overpay. Scooped Freeman last week for free.
  16. Gonne see if I can find the video but a couple days ago I saw a video breaking down Freemans film from last year. It definitely looked more like an ATL offensive line problem moreso than a Freeman problem. He still made plenty of guys miss in open field.
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