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  1. 3 out of 4 and BUF was a dropped INT away from a clean sweep.  Feels good to see the Pats and Eagles both get bounced at home.

    Love that D.K. Metcalf (former Bear Terrence Metcalf’s kid); that is exactly how Wims should be used.  Jump balls.

    Hope Nagy is taking notes.  Run the ball effectively, go deep occasionally to big receivers (not our neo-smurfs), play man defense, tackle aggressively.

    Go Seahawks.  Since Zimmer is a Chicago native, go Vikings.  Chiefs vs. Ravens will be amazing (don’t see the Titans or Texans advancing).

    As far as Long goes, wish he could come back but he wore down.

  2. The state of the union address with Pace & Nagy was a bunch of :hophead:.  Why Pace doesn’t interview during the season is weird.

    Trub gets a few more games to show solid improvement or I’ll start referring to him as Trubustky.

    Locking Jackson up for awhile is nice but he was overpaid.  Needs to improve his tackling technique and jump more routes in coverage.

    I would start playing more press/man on third down for sure.  Give the pass rushers a chance to get home.  Even if you play the CBs slightly off 3-4 yards, they can still bump and knock receivers off their routes or at least delay them.  Giving big cushions is and has been a moronic tactic since the Lovie days.

    The WC games this weekend will be fun.  I like what the Bills are doing.  Frankly, it’s amazing how much they’ve improved since we destroyed them in their building in 2018.

    I usually pull for the road teams on WC weekend.

  3. “The Bears offense always looks like some dude playing Madden two difficulty levels higher than his ability.”

    -Super 70s Sports

    Collinsworth trying to make Trub seem even close to Mahomes’ skill level was humorous.

    Nagy has this tendency to continue experimenting by force feeding plays that just don’t work.  Case in point, in the game vs. DAL, Trub threw way more slants and short verticals with good success (TDs).

    Initial wish list:

    Two road grader right side O-linemen

    One speedy shutdown corner

    One pass rusher that can benefit from Mack getting double-teamed.

    A defensive HC that stops playing that soft shell garbage, plays man almost exclusively so the pass rush can get home more often.  Especially on third down.

    It almost feels like we threw the season away on purpose, starting in London.

    Next season is obviously pivotal for Trub, Nagy & Pace.  It will tell us whether or not last year was a fluke or this year was a fluke.  Heavily leaning towards the former.

    Again, lose the “Be you” garbage.  “Elevate your game in pressure moments” should be the message until further notice.

    Go Vikings & Chiefs.

  4. Played flat and tentative for 3 quarters.  

    Some decent drives but FGs instead of TDs doesn’t cut it and some really inaccurate throws putting receivers in bad position after catches.  In other words, ball placement needs to improve.  More laser throws in tight windows, but...

    Still mathematically alive, but now the Rams & Vikings need to lose out and...  ‘Nuff said.

  5. 2 minutes ago, yoman said:

    I thought you were trolling this thread which has a few people who overreact just a tad. I myself predicted 40 TDs and 6000 yards passing for Mitch this season. Everyone who said I was crazy will be eating crow after he averages 8 TDs and over 500 yards over the next three games on their way to winning the Super Bowl.

    I mostly stopped posting during games as I tended to overreact as well.  Much easier to stay focused on the games.

  6. 1 minute ago, rockaction said:

    Sort of legendary board troll who preached nothing by Seattle dominance even when the facts didn't back it. I think he or she got banned, IIRC.

    Figured you might know of him since you've been around a while. No biggie. He really got under people's skin in terms of demeanor, tone, assertions, etc.

    I was semi-kidding, I’ve seen him around.

    My point was I don’t lurk in other homer threads much to know of anyone else who blindly predicts SB victories year after year after year. 

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