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  1. Never really got into these, so I did a mock about a week ago to get a feel for it. Wanted to see how little I could spend to get a sense of how much I needed for my expensive targets. Waited until most teams blew the majority of their stacks and then snarfed up nearly everyone I wanted without much resistance. Wound up with $110, so I figure it’s enough for one overpriced guy plus 1-2 moderately-priced guys. I liked being the “big stack” in the room and laughed when the short stacks tried to raise with 5 or 10 bucks remaining. IMO, there should be a larger starting amount, say $50
  2. FFPC-style: QB Jackson, Lamar BAL 8 RB Gurley, Todd LA 9 RB Conner, James PIT 7 WR Kupp, Cooper LA 9 WR Robinson, Allen CHI 6 FLEX Guice, Derrius WAS 10 FLEX Murray, Latavius NO 9 TE Njoku, David CLE 7 K Zuerlein, Greg LA 9 DST CHI 6
  3. More of a chance of Davis getting touches than McCaffrey getting injured. Anarchy already inferred he doesn’t want another “injury-reliant” lotto ticket RB. Ajayi has 0 chance of touches until rostered, so do something. Make a decision. Pick up Davis or Scarlett and get rid of Ajayi. Regardless of the shiny, happy feel-good reports on Monty, Davis is the young veteran and is listed as the starter on Ourlads. I’ll be sure to keep track of B. Hill, Scarlett & Davis for touches & targets during week 1.
  4. Any more troll offers? Ajayi has no chance of playing week 1 at this point. Dump him for Davis and see how many touches he gets tomorrow night. If his usage is low, dump him next week for Scarlett. Gordon is a bum.
  5. Yep, just tested it out. Edit Pre-Draft Rankings, sort by position and add all to DND one-by-one. There are extra kickers, so be sure to hit Load More Players a couple of times until all are added.
  6. Dynasty War Zone is growing on me.
  7. Drop Ajayi for Davis. He’ll get some touches and he’s a cuff for both D. Monty AND Cohen. He’s startable over Henderson, IMO and might be a GL TD vulture. Brown is Gurley’s cuff. I’d just ignore the commish’s trade offer, don’t even reject it. Let it sit until he cancels it.
  8. I know a lot of people are high on Andrews, but he's not going to see your starting lineup regularly, so I'd drop him for Jackson and try to trade Brees.
  9. As a Bears homer, Burton has been a major disappointment. Way too hot/cold for FF usage and groin injuries tend to linger... He’s an emergency/bye fill-in at this point and that’s if only he gets that groin healed up. Nagy is not using TEs anywhere near as much as Reid in KC. Shaheen has been banged up most of camp with core injuries in case anyone’s wondering if he’s worth a flier. He might get some RZ looks, but I’d stay away from all CHI TEs until a clear trend of usage emerges in year 2 of the offense.
  10. Burton limited in practice (groin). Don’t understand why they waited until May to get the sports hernia procedure done. Keep him on the bench. So disappointing.
  11. This followup’s even better... https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/484003-why-do-people-draft/?do=findComment&comment=12231052
  12. Wonder how many people pulled the trigger on him immediately after that parody tweet appeared...
  13. Pretty sure he is, as you guys both missed each other’s questions on him. I have no opinion on Scarlett since I have not followed him at all. I prefer to diversify on RB styles when shorthanded, but at least Scarlett is rostered. This sort of goes back to what I said about Brian Hill, which was shot down even though D. Freeman has clearly shown a propensity to miss games due to injury, while it remains to be seen if McCaffrey can handle another extreme load.
  14. McKissic going to DET might make him worth a pickup. Theo Riddick’s previous role has been useful at times, but it’s a dice roll. Ajayi is probably not going anywhere until after week 1, if at all.
  15. Burton unlikely to play Thursday, per Biggs via @Faust. Hopefully Shaheen is well enough to be effective. No idea why Bunting didn’t make the PS at least, he looked good making some nice catches up the seam and even broke some tackles, IIRC. Bump Miller and Cohen for more targets, I reckon.
  16. Perhaps, but then you are just hopin' and-a wishin' instead of doing something that has more of a direct effect. We already know Rodgers is going to get his points; he doesn't throw many picks and Adams was the most consistent WR point-wise last year week-to-week by far. One source said he scored no fewer than 16ppw (depending on scoring rules) for the entire season. Your QB, starting WRs and team D have more than enough to compensate for his RB advantage H2H. I'd be looking for any chance to screw over the commish and this is the most direct path, aside from picking up his castoffs.
  17. Hyde is nothing to worry about. Can you post the roster of the D. Adams owner to see if we can put an offer together?
  18. Ok, so I don't know who the commish acquired in Ogunbowale's place, but here's what we have to work with: Rodgers (11) Bell (4), Montgomery (6), (Kerryon (5) or David (12)? Johnson, Guice (10), Bernard (9), Harris (10), Ogunbowale Cooper (8), JuJu (7), Gordon (10), Allison (11), C. Samuel (7) Henry (12), Eifert (9) Elliott (10) Cowboys (8) Looking at the week 5 schedule, GB plays at DAL, so he has a dilemma already with Rodgers vs. DAL defense. Easy enough for him to deal with by getting another team D. You might be able to pick up and drop a bunch of defenses on that Sat
  19. C’mon, man... I have a nice anti-commish strategy to unveil.
  20. I didn't mean to assume we'd grab him, just interesting to see where he went. Vedvik has more value as a punter with emergency kicker capability, but that's about it.
  21. Raiders claimed Kizer. Cards claimed Bullard. Jets claimed Vedvik.
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