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  1. @Anarchy99 In which weeks do you play the commish? See how the byes and matchups look.
  2. TEN might be a good fit, not knowing anything about their cap situation nor who they'd offer in return. Anywho, since nobody is willing to offer fair value for Gordon (or Evans, for that matter), just keep them and hope something happens with Gordon soon. Ogunbowale is going to get a good share of action, since everyone knows Barber and Ronald Jones are essentially garbage.
  3. You guys think they're playing FF or something?
  4. I'd say Gordon would want to join a team that has a shot at the playoffs and/or has a shaky starting situation. BUF - No (Singletary) MIA - Doubtful (Meltdown/rebuilding) GB - No (Jones) HOU - Doubtful with how many moves they made IND - Doubtful (Mack) SF - Not likely TB - Maybe
  5. Robinson absolutely crushed camp and if you watched any of the games at the end of last year, Trub threw his way early and often. That being said, keep sleeping on him so his ADP doesn't rise too much. I haven't drafted in my main leagues yet.
  6. Good job on getting Ogunbowale. As soon as you said he was available, I knew it was the commish who dropped him.
  7. Assuming your team is the one on top (A), I don't like it because you will be close to your cap limit, then have to deal with the 10% yearly increase, meaning Evans is overvalued and unfeasible. You also have 4 roster spots open and this deal would limit the acquisitions of FAs before the season starts. Also, why are you signing all your rookies to max. (5) year contracts? It makes sense for higher value picks that are more likely to see the field, but it keeps you from making FA/waiver moves during the season. If you signed the lesser/cheaper ones to 2-3 years, you'd have more years t
  8. Impossible to answer without seeing your entire roster and full cap info.
  9. So GB cut Kizer... It would be a very sly move to pick him up and get all the details of their new offense going into game 1. Not sure if he’s eligible for the practice squad. Probably not.
  10. Full cut list: Wow, I figured Bars & Vaughters were going to stick! Full 53: https://www.chicagobears.com/news/bears-announce-53-man-roster-x6606
  11. In case we want to rehash any offers to the week 1 opponent.
  12. Problem is, with that owner trading Drake, Mack is now likely off the table.
  13. Yes, dump Crockett. I don’t see any team picking him up to make a roster with any real impact. Practice squad guy.
  14. Pick up or claim Ogunbowale ASAP.
  15. “Diarrhea Crotchrocket” was cut.
  16. He should get #1 since the team was auto-drafted but good luck trying to talk to that commish.
  17. When Gase was in CHI, he would often put backup RBs in for a whole series at a time, IIRC. There you go, @Anarchy99... Ty Monty is your RB1. Now to decide between Henderson & Brown if Gordon is neither dealt nor reports.
  18. @rockaction What’s the outlook for Ty Monty vs. the Bills and how much do you think Gase will use him?
  19. Dammit, Winz, you keep quoting me before I can fix my misspellings...
  20. Maybe. Rams homer announcer did comment that Brown did not see the field at all in the preseason, indicating he may be in for a bigger role than we know. Definitely hang into both.
  21. Isn’t Hilliard Chubb’s cuff? You could work his name into the discussion as part of a larger deal.
  22. No, you’re looking at last week’s schedule. I already said Mack is at LAC for week 1.
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