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  1. Who the #### is that? I don’t care about Seattle except that they beat the Rams this week.
  2. Yeah, yeah, I checked the schedules of both teams before you even responded. There are no guaranteed wins. We need six miracles. Then we would most likely get to play at GB in the wildcard game. Let’s just see how it goes. One game at a time. Go Lions, Seahawks & ‘skins.
  3. As a meathead fan, everything’s obviously better when the wins stack up, but most importantly was the way the offense operated last night. I’ve been critical of Trub’s “good” performances the last few weeks (as well as the poor ones), that he’s been continually getting the ball out late, with no zip on his throws and looking hesitant in general. Last night was the first game this year he was decisive, most throws were on point and he ran when needed. Still need to finish better on both sides with a big lead. @rockaction Guinness is the resident SuperFan and his schtick has
  4. You do realize both the Rams and Vikings need to lose 2 of 4 plus we need to win out, right? There are a couple other less likely scenarios that aren’t even worth mentioning.
  5. Nice win for how banged up we are. Looked good early but fizzled towards the end. Should not have been that close. Props to Trub for running more and he threw some absolute dimes for a change. Pierre-Louis really stepped up for Roquan and made some plays. Big dog Hicks back for the rivalry.
  6. Played much better in the 2nd half. Finally got Monty and Wims going. Miller with some nice production and Trub actually threw the ball with more authority. Good comeback.
  7. Our most efficient offensive drive all season, followed up by the defense giving up their longest TD on 3rd & 10 to a 3rd string guy in his first start. Gonna be a long game.
  8. Indeed. To me, drops are a relative indicator of poor timing and/or a receiver worrying about getting smacked (poor spacing), apart from just being poor catch performance. Don’t get me started on Braunecker’s wide open drop. That was purely on him though. A bit later Trub didn’t throw to him running a short drag route on one 3rd & 10 play IIRC. Was wide open.
  9. Nagy needs to replace that “BE YOU” garbage on his playsheet with “EXECUTE & FINISH.”
  10. Now they are seeing just how fickle we fans are. Perform better if you don’t want to hear boos. Can’t get any simpler than that. With Hicks, it’s obvious he’s frustrated but with the way he’s performed I’m ok with him getting chippy. He’s always been a pretty cordial dude. I’m getting annoyed at seeing Jackson try to shoulder opponents down instead of wrapping up. He got burned by that no-name NYG receiver early last week. Skrine has been a pleasant surprise based on all the negatives Jets & Browns fans had to say. Mack is like out of stamina and loafs when the ball gets past h
  11. Amazing that the lowly Jets absolutely destroyed OAK. Seeing SF do the same to GB was fun. Thursday’s game should yield yet more indigestion, so plan your Thanksgiving dinner accordingly.
  12. This is exactly what I’m talking about with this defense. They play decent most of the game, but then give up a late TD. On 4th and goal, no less. Ridiculous. Of course, then we can’t get even one yard running the ball when we need it most.
  13. Chasing .455. Chasing Chase. Chasing the draft. Chasing mini-camp. Chasing OTAs. Chasing training camp. Chasing next season. Definitely not chasing great.
  14. Chase Daniel sighting! Eddy has fallen off a cliff. D gives up another TD late, as usual. Game’s over and so is the season.
  15. So hot & cold. Mostly cold: ”The Bears still went 3-&-out on 7 of 12 possessions today. Aside from the three touchdown drives, they ended a possession past their own 40-yard line just twice.” Relieved we won, but man... This offense is painful to watch. Anyway, Kwiatkowski stepped in nicely for Trevathan (shoulder injury?) and that INT was huge. Back to chasing .500.
  16. Bears now 235-0 when leading by 14 or more in the 4th Q at home. That’s an amazing and unbelievable stat. Nearly gave the Lions a chance to make it 234-1. Trub finally made some decent end zone throws. Our run blocking is still abysmal and overall the O cannot put long drives together. For a “get well” game, it didn’t feel that good with the D letting them march down the field at the end, as usual.
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