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  1. Shaheen is the dumbest guy ever. Just fall on it! That’s also bad coaching because you tell them all beforehand to fall on it if it’s kicked short. Made a game of it, but once again, the D failed on two key third and longs late. Chasing .444.
  2. Going to the shortest guy (Cohen) on the field on a mid-out instead of having Wims out there.
  3. I actually LOL’d when Trub was sacked to put us at -10 yards of total offense before our last drive “explosion.” Absolutely abysmal. Reminds me of the Craig Krenzel days, yet somehow worse.
  4. Wow. This D blows without Hicks. He was the real MVP. Stupid penalties killing us. Multiple neutral zone infractions, personal foul on 4th down, can’t cover Ertz. Hands to the face on Ertz not called on his TD. No need to talk about the O, as it is non-existent yet again.
  5. Been done with this team since the D laid over in London. Just tank the rest of the season so we get Tua. Nagy’s honeymoon is over for me. F’n moron.
  6. HSG: You need to load up GamePass and actually watch the second halves of the last three games. They have been overfeeding Monty and he hasn’t been doing sh!t because of Nagy’s unimaginative run calls (surprise, surprise), ineffectiveness of the O-line (including dumb penalties) and opposing defenses knowing they’re going to run and crowding the line. It ain’t rocket surgery. 2 yards, 3 yards, 2 yards, punt. There are a few exceptions with some drives, but this is the overwhelming second half trend with the lead. Expect to be frustrated until Nagy schemes Monty into space so he ca
  7. To be fair, nobody has played on “that turf” as Tottenham Stadium is brand new. Perhaps you meant “that style of turf.” Bears don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) one-dimensional. Daniel completed 73.3% of 30 passes last week against a much better defense. They need to be balanced.
  8. I was mostly referring to the second half of the game vs. MIN and even vs. WAS & DEN. You know, when we were trying to milk the clock. That has been the pattern when we get the lead. He’s been getting bigger chunks earlier in games. You can watch again to see what I’m talking about. Clear as day. The bottom line is, if Nagy doesn’t spread the defense out more often and get Monty into space instead of pile ramming, it’s going to stay this way.
  9. Not going to do much plowing into stacked lines. Nagy needs to get some stretch plays going to get Monty into space, where he will start to shine. Until that happens, benched.
  10. Nagy needs to be the emergency QB. He’s younger than Brady.
  11. After watching it dozens of times, it was clear his internal clock went off and he spun away from the defender. He had no chance to get any positive yards, so he needed to throw that ball out of bounds as soon as he escaped. That injury is on him, fully.
  12. Abdullah Anderson waived. Sounds like Bray will be brought back.
  13. On GMFB, Burleson mentioned that he sits back and listens to Esiason and Simms discuss QBs during off-air breaks. He said Esiason thought Daniel runs Nagy’s offense much better than Trub has.
  14. If Steve Fuller (also a career backup) can go 4-1 with a historically great D such as what ours is shaping up to be, Daniel can do it. Plus, Trub will be back in about a month IMO, so he has more time to study and “master” the offense. Yes, the Vikings are an elite defense and not chopped liver, which makes Daniel’s performance yesterday even more impressive. Nagy’s playcalling was a bit too conservative by trying to run into a condensed line instead of spreading them out and at least trying some stretch plays or some playactions.
  15. I knew you were gonna bring that game up, so I just finished watching the whole thing. The D gave up a last-second FG to end the half, a fluke busted coverage TD thrown by OBJ and another busted coverage TD to OBJ on 4th & goal. We had to rely on a miracle onside kick recovery and then Daniel drove us down the field to even give us a chance to tie the game to get to OT. It never should have gone to OT. Then the D gave up the FG in OT. Alex Smith has had one good season (2017) out of 6 in Reid’s system, I looked up his stats. Nothing special apart from 2017 and it took h
  16. “Highest PFF passing grades in Week 4 (before MNF): 1. Phillip Rivers 2. Chase Daniel” 22/30 (73.3%) We’ll be just fine with Daniel.
  17. Not only that, there is ZERO dropoff in performance with our backups. Across the board. Never had that with Vic. Strangely, I didn’t feel a thing when Trub went off the field with his blown shoulder. I knew Daniel (not Daniels) would pick up the slack. He was smooth and decisive. Only one sack given up to a quality D and no turnovers.
  18. No idea and he was on the sideline, which the podsters said was unusual. We shall see.
  19. Not that it matters, but Burfict is gone for the rest of the season.
  20. Meanwhile, the Jags pinned an eerily similar last-second loss on Vic’s Broncos in their building as the Bears did. Not a good look.
  21. Unverified rumor at this point... https://www.barstoolsports.com/chicago/was-roquan-smith-inactive-because-he-was-in-a-car-accident
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