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  1. Mariota had all kinds of room to run it in himself to the right.
  2. Boom. Two positive runs up the middle and that last big one. Top team in my league dropped Lewis for Chubb. Might have to put a waiver claim in for Lewis.
  3. You mean the one where he had the slightest of glancing blows on Oshwiggler’s melon? Ridiculous. Gronk downgraded to doubtful... Smells fishy. Is the fix in for an upset?
  4. As I’m watching the Chiefs@Pats, it’s amazing how easily both QBs get Kelce & Gronkowski the ball in open space. Burton has been a major disappointment, aside from the two gimmicky shovel pass TD “catches.” Quick slants are not used nearly enough. Those are usually a QB’s best friend for getting into a rhythm and getting the early adrenaline under control. Trub had some wide-open guys that he overthrew on the first two drives, one of which was an easy TD or a long gainer at the very least. The horizontal plays develop way too slowly. Still salty.
  5. https://www.chicagobears.com/video/press-conferences Nagy was understandably chippy, Trub tried to stay positive and Floyd looked like he was about to start crying at the end of his vid.
  6. Definitely have to credit Albert Wilson. Guy has never done anything and has the game of his life.
  7. Tanner9919 said they were legit above. I didn’t feel like quoting his post and arguing his other points.
  8. I’m sure ball security and tackling will be emphasized heavily this week. Turnovers were the key, as usual. No sacks and ####ty tackling. Miami is not a legit team, they are garbage. Couple of flukey plays and our defensive incompetence were why they were even in this game.
  9. Oh, to add insult to injury... We just got shredded by Dowell Loggains, guys. Let that sink in for a minute.
  10. Just throw him the dayum ball already.
  11. Schlereth has always been a douchetool.
  12. It was a BS call, as was Drake’s non-call. Saw Amendola with a couple of picks that weren’t called either.
  13. Same with not trying to drive for a FG in the 4th with 35s left. Too conservative. Completely goes against what he said about being aggressive. Scared Trub was gonna throw a pick.
  14. Pats will smoke us next week, as usual. Maybe they’ll hang another 51 on us like last time. Haven’t beaten them since 2000. #theskyisfalling
  15. That’s the second game where Nagy’s deficiencies were plainly evident. The Bucs blowout was a mirage.
  16. Furthermore, it’s been clear that Parkey consistently hits the ball to the right. Why the #### would you put the ball on the right hash with that last running play? #lefthashuntilparkeyisgone
  17. Cut Parkey. After that stupid article about him this week, it’s only fitting he ####ed us over to his former team.
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