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  1. Crashed a brand-new Lamborghini into a light pole on I-94 and abandoned it?
  2. You forgot about McMahon’s backup, Steve Fuller, who was pretty awful yet made five starts in ‘85. We’re not bringing anyone in unless it’s to replace Bray after signing him off the practice squad.
  3. Daniel looked very good overall. Couple bad throws here & there but no turnovers. Nagy went ultra-conservative in the second half and didn’t let him throw much to sustain drives and keep the D off the field, as I said earlier.
  4. Anywho... Still no official word on Trub’s shoulder, but Doc Chao had this to say... https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/pro-football-doc/story/2019-09-29/profootballdoc-mitch-trubisky-shoulder-harness Sure looked like a dislocated shoulder and was fearing a torn labrum as well.
  5. Yes, frustrating because the offense couldn’t do anything to get drives going late to preserve the shutout and keep the D off the field. Frustrating because a turnover deep in their end resulted in a FG instead of a TD. Frustrating because Mack was getting held nearly every play. Frustrating because of the stupid penalty when we stopped them deep in their own end. Yeah, they didn’t score, but still... Teams are going to see that when opposing offenses go no-huddle, we’re vulnerable. It was great to shut their run game down, but the game should’ve been wrapped up before th
  6. What a frustrating game. Wanted the shutout. Cannot get first downs to close it out. Daniel did fine and I completely understand why they went conservative, but man that is just putting the D in a bad position, where being so gassed late is when injuries can happen. Kwiatkowski came up huge today, that blitz where he bulldozed Cook was awesome, among other key plays. Anyway... Disco ball time. #clubdub
  7. Whaddya know... Jordan Howard actually caught two passes in a row, one for a TD. Who’d a thunk it?
  8. Now where are all those troll offers? Nice pickup of “the other” D. Williams. Peterson vs. the Giants is likely to be his best matchup for awhile.
  9. D guys have mentioned this since at least training camp and possibly back as far as minicamp & OTAs.
  10. I would rather have slightly fewer turnovers and sacks, yet give up 29% fewer points all day long.
  11. I’d be fishing for Ekeler & Guice (if he can be placed on IR). Just received a notification that Gordon will end his holdout Thurs. but won’t play this week. Ekeler owner might panic and deal him.
  12. No way will your opponent this week deal Ingram to you.
  13. Nagy not feeding Monty on the GL play which wound up being a Trubisky INT was...
  14. Huzzah! Now put your claim in for Gallman.
  15. Bears by far have the hardest remaining schedule vs. .692 opponent win %. Next highest are DAL/DEN/WAS at .603. One game at a time.
  16. The numbers look good, but the optics and the timing of poor plays during the flow of the third quarter (and early in the first) caused indigestion. It should’ve been 38-6 and potentially 38-0, but it’s been awhile since we put up 28 in one half, let alone being on the road and on MNF. Coast mode sucks yet they still doubled up due to the heady play by Trevathan at the most crucial time. The stupid penalties mostly went away but that deep shell sh!t has to stop. Lot more rollouts, some slants and it was actually good to see some I-formation mixed in. Signs of progress.
  17. Last sack should’ve iced it. Not sure if the yardage loss crossed a threshold back the other way or not.
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