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  1. Couldn’t even cheer it, thought we’d get hosed somehow.
  2. Wims had a step on his man and Trub goes to the shortest guy on the field.
  3. Nagy is creating a lot of different looks (diamondback? I-formation?) tonight. No, it hasn’t been perfect and we still need to get Monty going. Will we see Haskins?
  4. That’s more like it, other than the uncharacteristic offsides penalties. Took awhile for the offense to get sync’d, but they’re finally getting some slants going and the misdirections with Turbo at the GL have been fantastic, quite honestly. That last TD catch was gorgeous and the throw was actually accurate, for a change.
  5. Some moderate rain is rolling in shortly, should be outta there by the 2nd Q.
  6. Don’t be stealin’ my schtick. It wasn’t much further down...
  7. Was listening to Jim Miller as a guest on one of the WCG podcasts this week and he said Nagy was forcing Trub into many “1-reads” last week. Miller pretty much echoed most of our sentiments in that he’s regressed so far but thinks he’ll step it up, but only if Nagy will start rolling him out and letting him play more freely (scrambling & going vertical more often). He also said we’ll all know by the end of this season if he’s our guy or will be on the outs. Eddy hurt his right knee in the weight room Friday and is supposedly questionable for tonight. Seems like even when we cat
  8. I see Evans finally blew up. Bold strategy starting AP and CHI D since they are at odds. Better to roll the dice with Cohen.
  9. https://twitter.com/benstonium/status/1175181633986711558?s=21
  10. I thought Ty Monty was going to be dropped to pick Henderson back up.
  11. I’m sure this is honda, but a re-posting is well-merited. Read it. Total douchetool. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/09/16/antonio-brown-new-england-patriots-lawsuits-accusations-sexual-midconduct-assault
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