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  1. Why? No value at all. Wright or Thompson and that's only if you're desperate.
  2. Yup. Whitehair with the early footshooting. Bad drop by Sims put us in a bad spot. All Trub's throws have been spot-on.
  3. B/R: Willie Young to season-ending IR with triceps injury.
  4. Until Gentry gets called up, because we all know more WRs will get injured.
  5. I guess you guys didn't have time to read the articles I posted on the subject, so here is one of them again (from 2015): https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/when-to-start-your-rookie-quarterback-050715/ You can go back and look at the other, which is more fantasy-based.
  6. That being said, I'd like nothing more than to see him drop back on his first play and throw a bomb to Wheaton.
  7. Let's take a look at Manning's rookie year, shall we? http://www.nfl.com/player/peytonmanning/2501863/gamelogs?season=1998 For the lazy, he was a horrible turnover machine, throwing 3 INTs in each of his first two games and 28 for the season. This team is equally as bad as that Colts team (3-13). That's the measuring stick I'm using, not when he was in his prime. Bears will bring Trubador along slowly.
  8. They'd better promote Gentry. Him and Trubador are like peas and carrots. I'll bet Shaheen starts getting more on-field time and more targets as well. Watching Wilson, Prescott and Watson yesterday has me excited to see some moving pockets, bootlegs and misdirection. Tired of "pure" pocket passers.
  9. Couple of interesting articles on rookie QBs: https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/when-to-start-your-rookie-quarterback-050715/ http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/72690/446/how-rookie-qbs-impact-fantasy?pg=2
  10. Trubador. Watson's success probably a catalyst for making the decision.
  11. Not with this team and this management. What is your long-term timetable and how much are you willing to bet?
  12. Yup. Dan Quinn. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Sounds like Fox was a McCaskey & Phillips special. Which does make sense. Apparently they didn't listen to Pace's "trust the process."
  13. Why not just step down instead of being a jagoff and riding us into the ground?
  14. There will never be an ideal time. Not with this team. So maddening.
  15. I don't think our D watches any game film whatsoever. They've been running those gimmicky rub routes and sideline routes on third down for years and years. Either that, or our defensive backs are just plain stupid.
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