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  1. Floyd did get a coverage sack, though and was hustling. Nobody else on the D line did anything. Amazing that we couldn't get to Rodgers with their makeshift line, but then not really, since we keep playing that soft shell instead of knocking guys off their routes and causing confusion.
  2. Man, I hope you season ticket holders bust out the "Fire Fox" and "Start Trubisky" signs on Monday the 9th.
  3. Papa Bear Halas rolling over right about now. Last time GB led the series was 1933. Pathetic.
  4. "On Thursday night, Glennon became the only Bears player in the last 40 years to commit three turnovers in one half twice within the first four games of a season, per Elias. Remember, the Bears employed Jay Cutler for eight years and not even he achieved that dubious distinction."
  5. Continually flabbergasted that every defense we play knows what we're doing, while our defense looks clueless. Not protecting the sticks, giving big cushions, no ball awareness and leaving WRs wide open in the endzone.
  6. LOL. Are you ready to put Trubador in yet, Fox? 4 Giraffe turnovers. 4! Almost makes me want Bobblehead back... Almost.
  7. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Got away with a hold, but we'll take it.
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