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  1. You must be joking. Giraffe throws it into triple coverage right at the defender.
  2. Cooper the weak link again. Thought this guy was supposed to be one of our best cornerbacks. Absolute garbage.
  3. If I was Fangio, I'd be furious. This team has not known how to go for the throat for years and years.
  4. ####### ####### Cooper, run the ball in, you piece of ####!
  5. Fox's teams' injury trends... https://theloopsports.com/2017/09/23/bears-injuries-drastically-john-fox/amp/
  6. Said it before and I'll continue to say it. We could've had Dan Quinn. Even though the Falcons choked in the SB, he turned their lackluster program around in less than two seasons.
  7. http://www.sportingnews.com/amp/nfl/news/chicago-bears-mike-glennon-quarterback-mitchell-trubisky-john-fox/u20biuoetq310xv5qicpzpaq
  8. Remember the Madden vision cone? Here is the equivalent of Giraffe's: http://www.theoryofgaming.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/madden_NFL_vision_cone.jpg (It's actually narrower than that, since he doesn't see defenders.)
  9. Meanwhile... The Falcons, you know, the team that barely beat us, is kicking GB's asses. I'm enjoying it.
  10. Not about hurting them financially. All about not supporting them due to mismanagement and poor execution.
  11. Now I know what other fans from the Panthers and Broncos were feeling for all those years when they said Fox sucks. I hope season ticket holders either sell their tickets to opposing fans, don't go at all or boo them constantly. 0-16.
  12. Last week I was ok with Giraffe, even though it was clear he's a game manager. This week I'm not. Cut him. Not even bench him. Cut him. Give Trub the reins and get Connor Shaw back. Let Butt Fumbler tutor him.
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