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  1. I mean, really, did the defense do any preparation whatsoever? Pass D continually giving up first downs on thirds. Not that it's anything new.
  2. Wow, a turnover sighted. Too bad we continue to try the lateral plays instead of going vertical. Put Trub in. Might as well get him some time in there so he can get used to the adversity.
  3. Trubador time. Enough of Giraffe, already. The Bobblehead trifecta impersonation is complete: INT Lost fumble Pick-6
  4. Rookie mistake. Get away from the ball, kid. Can't make a play every time.
  5. Started out looking sharp, then all of a sudden turned into a plodder. Maybe his stamina isn't what it should be.
  6. Worth a look or nah? Any word from homers on his synchronization with Watson during camp & pre-season?
  7. Langford sighting: Signed with the Ravens to fill Woodhead's spot. I kinda felt he was shafted and they didn't use him correctly here. The Rams game from ~two years back was his zenith and showed his potential. Not a downfield runner, but an off-tackle one-cutter and screen guy.
  8. Not really... I'd say from Kendall Wright's history with Loggains in TEN, Wright will probably be the one to have. Until he gets injured, as usual. From a previous long-time Wright owner. Giraffe processes way too slowly to go downfield much. Needs to install a clock in his head (1, 2, 3 (ball out or get pummeled)). Update for bss: Bellamy has an ankle injury and was limited in practice today (one source said he DNP, which was false).
  9. Only if Trubador gets in there. Giraffe hasn't worked with him much. Word on the street is he was placed on the practice squad because of needing to improve his route-running, so he's mainly a "go deep" guy now.
  10. Need to get Deebo Samuel when draft-eligible. Kid is electric and similar to Cohen as a playmaker. You heard it here first.
  11. Bump. Thomas going to be effective tonight or just a decoy?
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