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  1. White done. Broken collarbone confirmed. I hear Terrell Owens still wants to make a comeback...
  2. Dude is made of glass. All the major outlets saying collarbone, one saying shoulder blade. Anyway, Demps is today's goat, not Giraffe. Leaving a guy uncovered down the f'ng middle and then failing to bring him down is unacceptable.
  3. To be fair, Howard needs to catch that ball at the 1. Giraffe put it right on him. No excuse for taking his eye off the ball.
  4. Cohen! Love that little guy. Reminds me of Walter a tiny bit.
  5. As much as I like Meredith's potential after last season's pleasant surprise, if he was that valuable, you don't f'n play him. Loved Jeffery when Marshall was here but he was garbage after green cleats left. Point is, we need to start drafting alpha receivers who are durable (subjective, yes). Plenty of quality receivers behind Meredith; now they need to step it up. Wright looked very good picking up third downs, but his downfall has always been Jeffery-type injuries. It still seems like White is very tentative, but is starting to come around, just needs more "cawnfidence." Cruz' flat drop (more like a chest bump) was disappointing. Maybe he should quit hosting his podcast and put extra effort into his craft. Always did like Dion Sims before the Dolphins turned him into an inline guy. D looks solid (except third and longs, as usual, WTF?). Frankly, IDGAF who the QB is, as long as they're scoring TDs instead of FGs and not turning the ball over. Trubador looked shaky on a few plays (e.g., near-pick, near-fumble, poor play clock awareness), but overall shows promise and a nice deep touch that Bobblehead rarely showed. Why not go with a Giraffe-Trub tandem? Be innovative. Forcing teams to game plan for two QBs makes it more difficult and confusing. Selectively throwing Trub to the wolves allows him to gain valuable experience without making him hold a clipboard all season.
  6. Temper expectations. Looked to me like Trubiskador continually stared down his first read and one pundit said Denver was playing strictly man-to-man. Loved the accuracy, though. Glennon did his best Bobblehead impression (pick-6 into triple coverage). Let the kid start with the ones and we'll see what happens.
  7. Have an injury-free camp, boys... Right. Really like Cohen, that kid's going to break some ankles; hopefully not his own. Howard training the Payton way... Nice. WRs... Throw mediocre ####e against the wall and see what sticks. Of the FAs, Wheaton has the most upside. Cruz is a gimp while Wright is boom/bust and usually nursing a boo-boo. Floyd bulked up but is still only 250? Ok... The other Howard (Jaye) could have a nice impact if his hippy-hippy shake isn't gone. Cooper, Amukamara & Demps could be huge, allowing our improving D-line to get to the QB which hopefully translates into more sacks, fumbles & INTs. Glennon will be a handoff machine and game manager until we fall behind. Will be throwing pick-sixes when forced to throw, just like Bobblehead. Trubisky starts the week before Thanksgiving. Bobblehead's first official broadcast starts with us against da choking Birds. At least Quinn (my choice instead of Fox, if you'll recall) shaped them up to nearly win a SB in just 2 seasons. Anyway, Bobblehead will probably fumble his mic or his verbal delivery at least twice. Will be fun if the Smashmouth Footshooters can get and hold a lead. Expecting 4-6 wins, but stranger things have happened, like in 2001.
  8. Guess who ended Florida State's 22-game home win streak? UNC, with some help from Mr. Biscuit. https://youtu.be/ZqEqgwtJHpc Comeback win at the wire one week earlier vs. Pitt. Check out who the color man is... https://youtu.be/X52fkRwcsq8
  9. Yeah, I didn't get the pick of damaged goods Jackson. At least he's a supposed ballhawk and can return punts.
  10. Tarik Cohen? Didn't like it at first, but after watching some vids, this kid has a burst, great balance and runs away from people. Hope he can return kicks & punts; biggest use case for him. 4.42 40 but plays faster. Maybe our new Devin Hester. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QsimHbxxFd8 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lHTOUbYNbgw
  11. Just curious as I have D. Williams on my taxi squad and hadn't found any info on Rotoworld/Bleacher Report; thanks for the replies.
  12. All last season pundits kept saying Remmers at RT was a liability... Any chance Daryl Williams overtakes him soon?
  13. Mad props on the Leftwich scoop...

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