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  1. See my previous posts in this thread to understand the context (aside from the obvious). What’s even funnier is I saw it at the store last night and bought a bag.
  2. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-U2pZqEzdXTU/Tjc1ufDuDVI/AAAAAAAAAMA/AtpKTqrRt9U/s1600/crackerjack-prize.jpg
  3. ...and to think Monty was brought in because Jordan Howard made the Bears’ offense predictable when in the game.
  4. Right? They used the run to set up the... Run. No surprise as those were the Bob Avellini days. From Walter’s infamous 1977 game vs. MIN: Bob Avellini 4/6, 33 Yds, INT Walter Payton 40 Rush, 275 Yds, TD James Scott 2 Rec, 22 Yds
  5. ^11 games won last season. Remember, Trub missed the Thanksgiving game (W - Daniel) and the Giants game (L - Daniel). Ever since that shoulder injury, he’s been less effective throwing.
  6. I guess bellcow is subjective regarding percentage. I mean, even Walter Payton was spelled occasionally by Roland Harper and Dennis Gentry later on. 85%+?
  7. Wims is Robinson’s backup and they’ve been collaborating all during OTAs & training camp. Miller & Cohen are sharing the slot role. Ridley is Gabriel’s backup but since Ridley has been a healthy scratch, Miller is indeed Gabriel’s backup. It doesn’t look good for Miller until Trubisky starts targeting him, then Nagy might start feeling comfortable with elevating his role/touches.
  8. I should’ve fixed that Gallman post. Whatever.
  9. I miss the bellcow RB days of yore.
  10. All I read was that Shanahan “hinted at” Wilson getting GL work. Never have been a fan of Shanahan RBBC guys. Too inconsistent.
  11. What I meant was that Breida was thought to get the majority of the touches, not a relatively equal distribution with Mostert, but I guess that’s to be expected with Shanahan.
  12. My mistake. Mostert is an upgrade as long as he keeps getting touches, but his usage bump was rather out of the blue. I would’ve dumped Ty Monty and kept Henderson.
  13. Dropped Henderson instead of Ty Monty for Gallman? Henderson has much more talent than Gallman, even if he’s currently buried on the Rams’ depth chart.
  14. Congrats on the win. Concur, dump your Jets and forget about Herndon as well.
  15. We have a veteran QB on the team. His name is Chase Daniel. As I said earlier, Trub is not turning the ball over (except the desperation INT week 1) and they ran the ball a lot more to put Trub back to a caretaker role until he ramps up his passing play. We’ve all seen this before. He has regressed after all the “mastering the offense” dialog during the offseason. It’s annoying to see Mahomes & Watson throw deep balls with accuracy but Trub hasn’t thrown a deep ball TD for way too long. As long as the D keeps us ahead in games, we should be fine. If we get behind, then Trub will
  16. Agreed for the most part. Pace hasn’t really followed through on his “pick a QB every year” mantra, but he did what he had to do to raise the team elsewhere. Thing is, with the draft capital they gave up, they’re going to give him the full five years because if he doesn’t raise his game by year 5, he won’t get a 2nd contract with us. Would you rather see Chase Daniel or Tyler Bray? They both know the system...
  17. Eli “over the hill” Manning? No f’n thanks. Shurmur is about to give him the hook for Daniel Jones, from a note I just saw. Bridgewater was good until he wrecked his knee. We’ll see how Keenum does next week against our D. Once again, we need more high percentage plays like quick slants to get Trub in a rhythm early. He seems to be just a tick late on placement. One of the Chicago podcasts mentioned last night that Nagy scaled back the offense again. Just going to have to weather the storm and hope that improvement occurs. No sacks (against Miller & Chubb) and no t
  18. From a Sleeper notification: “Highest percentage of uncatchable passes through two weeks: Cam Newton 34.2% Mitchell Trubisky 27.8 Ryan Fitzpatrick 27.3 Kirk Cousins 27.0 Kyler Murray 22.9 Matthew Stafford 22.9”
  19. Trub made the play that set up Eddy. Stupid DEN defender never should’ve touched Robinson. Pulled a weasel out of the hat. Not many teams have gone in there and won on their home opener. Think they said they were 17-1 and won their last 7 in a row.
  20. #discoballtime #clubdub #didnotdeserveitbutwonitanyway #shoveyour2pointconversionvic
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