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  1. Herndon’s suspended until week 4. Gase wants to increase his volume over last season: https://www.fantasypros.com/nfl/games/chris-herndon-iv.php?season=2018
  2. Yet Ebron had 3 targets, 1 catch for 8 yards and dropped a TD. Brissett prefers Doyle. Stash AJB for now and if his volume doesn’t increase, grab Herndon right before or just after week 4. By then Crowder will likely be missing games due to injury as usual.
  3. Collinsworth really talked up AJB during preseason week 3 vs. PIT on Aug. 25th. First time I had heard of him. NFLN mentioned him shortly after, saying some DBs were talking him up. Then this happened last week (saw it live on Sunday Ticket): https://m.spox.com/de/video/nfl-nfl/1909/every-aj-brown-target-from-stellar-debut-week-1.html One of his targets was at the GL (overthrown). That’s the kind of upside WR I want on my team, so I picked him up to stash.
  4. AJB is the new Boldin, just needs a few more targets. Good stash for the weeks ahead. Deebo Samuel is another one to watch when Shanahan finally figures out he needs more snaps.
  5. McLaurin (WR1) or A.J. Brown (WR2/3). Might want to also post all the rosters in the OP, so we can check before asking who has who.
  6. Probably too late, but is either Hockenson or Waller available? Ebron is too TD-dependent for PPR. Maybe drop Ebron for Scarlett or Davis if you insist on keeping Ty Monty. Cohen returns punts and Hilliard returns both punts and kicks, so both have slightly more value but only if your league rewards individually for return activities.
  7. Might as well start both Evans and Ogunbowale.
  8. If Osweiler can come into SF and win against a Fangio D, we should be able to go to Empower and do the same, right? BTW, on the GB drive where they scored, HHCD was not on the field and Deon Bush was picked on, for the long pass down the middle and the TD to Graham. Never heard an explanation for why HHCD was not on the field during that drive, although I haven’t looked to see if Pagano has had a press conference since the game. I know someone would ask about that.
  9. More like trying to gouge him. This last trade offer (the one accepted) was by far the most reasonable.
  10. It’s true the vast majority of the time from my 20 years of FF experience. Owners don’t offer trades from positions of strength to get weaker or help other teams close the gap.
  11. Ridley, Landry, Fitz, Davis, Miller Those were his receivers before he offered a trade for Evans et al. Tell me he’s not (or wasn’t) weak at WR.
  12. Now you can dump Ty Monty for Davis, as Cohen’s cuff.
  13. Obviously, no, but we all know that type of trade will never, ever happen unless (for example) Saquon goes down with an injury and his owner tries to pull a fast one before word gets out. It’s a case-by-case situation, but as I said before, when someone offers a trade they are displaying weakness. In this case I wanted to see the full roster to see if we could come up with a counter. Even though Evans sh!t the bed and Winston sucks, he’s trying to buy low. It’s all moot now, as the trade was accepted.
  14. Let’s see this owner’s full roster first. Never accept an initial offer without countering and discussing. Be careful with AP. I actually drafted him late last season and he was tough to deal with due to inconsistent production and then ran out of gas before the playoffs.
  15. Not crazy about it. Let’s see the rest of this guy’s roster.
  16. Well, after seeing Gardner Minshew II, a 6’1” sixth round rookie, go 22/25 yesterday for the Jags without any preparation whatsoever...
  17. Sorry, man. I watched a lot of the Rams-Panthers game to watch out for Brown, Henderson and Scarlett. Was surprised to see Brown get more action than Gurley, especially in the RZ.
  18. Snap counts are not yet available, so here are some quick & dirty stats: B. Hill - Inactive (Freeman was horrible, but Vikings D and in a hole early) #2-Hilliard - 1-4-1 TD rushing, 1/2-14 rcvng (lucky points) Scarlett - Active - 0 (no worth yet) #1-Brown - 11-53-2 TD rushing, 0 rcvng (heavy RZ use) Henderson - 1-0 rushing, 0 rcvng (hold for later) Ty Monty - 2-4 rushing, 0 rcvng (v. little usage) Ogunbowale - 0 rushing, 4/5-33 rcvng (promising but only as pass catcher right now) Hope you started Crowder (14 catches on 17 targets!), but likely
  19. npr.org has an informative article as well. https://www.npr.org/sections/codeswitch/2013/07/01/197644761/word-watch-on-crackers
  20. Don’t pull a Luck. Ride it out and give notice after you finish payouts.
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