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  1. AB inferred with his recent comments that he wants out of the “system” to be “free.” Then he goes to a team that not only embodies it, but is run by and overpopulated with the very demographic he apparently hates. Total hypocrite.
  2. http://www.craigslostchicago.com/resources/CrackerJackfactory.jpg
  3. Wonder if there is such a thing as being banned for “conduct detrimental to the league.” Roger might have something to say.
  4. Which makes Leaf look even worse, because he was the ultimate example of both in at least the Super Bowl era. Quite a few said he was better than Peyton Manning...
  5. At least Mandarich played for awhile, as did Gordon. Go look up the Ryan Leaf saga.
  6. Vegas have a line yet on whether or not another team signs him? The ultimate prop bet.
  7. At least Gordon kept his mouth shut and kept everything on the DL.
  8. Therein lies the joke. Knew he would go apesh!t again. His future looks bright as an action film star or something. Just think, not too long ago he was just doing commercials.
  9. Rosenhaus isn’t hurting for cash. He’ll be more than fine.
  10. Pretty clear Mayock was not going to let him skate by without a penalty for the detrimental conduct. Stick a fork in him, he’s done.
  11. Bear in mind that when this act was passed into law, the NFL season traditionally started on the second or third weekend of September, depending on how the calendar fell. Sometimes there was a Friday or Saturday game in week one in the immediate following years, but obviously they couldn’t be televised. When they went to a 16-game schedule in 1978, week 1 was moved to Labor Day weekend or sometimes the week after, again depending on the calendar. It stayed that way until 2001, when the current tradition began of always starting after Labor Day. I always liked when week 1 began on Labor
  12. https://giphy.com/gifs/popcorn-movie-nothing-RHiD0K65NxxLO
  13. Listening to the Trib podcast and they’re ripping them a new one, of course, so I came up with more criticism. Nagy needs a more traditional playset to switch to when Trub is clearly out of sync, instead of forcing him to sling it continually. Run the ball, go no-huddle, use playaction. Tire out the defense. He said their conditioning was great in camp. Prove it. Also getting annoyed hearing the same tired answers in press conferences by him and Trub. We’re now getting familiar with their versions of “coachspeak” and “QBspeak.” Give a quick answer, shut up and go fix it.
  14. It was meant to be a joke because the original fine letter caused the... Oh, never mind.
  15. Wonder if he’ll get another letter with fines for detrimental conduct on Wednesday & missing practice on Thursday...
  16. This forum is terrible for embedding tables, so I created a spreadsheet with usage breakdown. Might add some columns but it's good enough for now. Original has formulas but had to paste it, so you can download and add them yourself. Default is sorted on Snap %. https://ethercalc.org/aq9p5ti99743
  17. Bobblehead (Cutler) was on Waddle & Silvy recently and when told Josh McCown gets Fridays off to help coach his kid’s team, he was like “Hell, I’ll come back for that deal! That’s the best deal ever!”
  18. Trub looks robotic and tentative. Didn’t run enough and was not decisive enough, or he was too decisive in going with his first read (Robinson) too often. Same problems as before. No slant plays. RB outlet passes taking too long to develop. Poor spacing on the ones that were completed. It’s fine if you want to run the T as an homage, but hand the ball off. Use the QB sneak. Use a traditional formation with a FB sometimes. Run the Power O sometimes. Not enough bootlegs. More later after I watch the game again and log every offensive play. Pun intended.
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