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  1. For real, Trub needs to say “F you, Nagy, we’re running the ball” and start changing plays in the huddle or at the line. Very clear he’s on a short leash and is nowhere near “mastering the offense.” Patterson looked like a slug out there.
  2. “The Bears ran 23 plays in the fourth quarter. Matt Nagy called 23 passes, 0 runs... and Trubisky completed just 12 of those 4th quarter attempts” Hello, McFly? One-dimensional much?
  3. I guess they had too much fun in camp and going up against our great defense in practice wasn’t enough preparation. Glad the offense was booed off the field. Time to get to work.
  4. Not a lot of positive yards, but Davis did have 11 total touches with 5 carries for 19 & 6 catches for 17 on 7 targets. The one target he missed was a sideline pass to the GL that the defender luckily deflected blindly or he would’ve had a TD. To compare against the other CHI RBs, Cohen had 8 catches for 49 & 0 rushes while D. Monty had 6 rushes for 18 plus 1 catch for 27. So Davis out-touched them both individually. That’s respectable for a short-term plugin RB, which is all Davis is. We’ll see how B. Hill, Hilliard, Scarlett, Brown, Henderson, Ty Monty & Ogunbowa
  5. Let’s be real, guys. We held Rodgers & co. to 10 points. That’s the least we’ve held them to in a long time. Just need to get the offense functional.
  6. No argument here. Sloppy play all around offensively and very few positive plays in space. That’s on Trub and Nagy.
  7. After seeing it all since Payton, I’m not even jaded, just disappointed and cautiously pessimistic. At least I’m a FIB and ####### proud of it. We’ll be back.
  8. I’m watching it again. It wasn’t 8-man boxes the whole game. I’ll report back with more exact info as I gather data. The 3rd & 1 to Patterson was horrific. QB sneak there all day long.
  9. It wasn’t a catch, but regardless, he could not recover it as he was out of bounds.
  10. 7 - 102 on 13 targets. Only Bear worth anything thus far. Ok, Cohen for PPR also.
  11. Passing up a FG opportunity wasn’t a good look, but in the end it didn’t matter. Hey, now we get to go up against our good buddy Vic. Run the ball, Nagy.
  12. Once again, Nagy abandoned the run completely. Davis had 11 touches (5 rushes, 6 catches). Cohen had 8 catches. Monty had 7 touches (6 rushes, 1 catch). Twisted irony that Amos got the INT. If you watch that play again, Wims was wide open in the right flat near the sticks.
  13. Trub shown on NFL Fantasy Live walking into SF. No smiles like last year, but all business. Looks like a steely-eyed assassin.
  14. https://twitter.com/lindseythiry/status/1169706300856365056?s=21
  15. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-food-dump-tGUJr7N765suQ
  16. https://media.giphy.com/media/26ufhsR9nxKMOc4da/giphy.gif
  17. https://media.giphy.com/media/l1J9sNmwisd59FmA8/giphy.gif
  18. Stranger than fiction. This is way better than “Ballers” on HBO.
  19. Yahoo already updated his week 1 projected points to 0.00.
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