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  1. What assets does Miami even have to offer? The Eagles already own what is looking to be their very valuable 2022 first round pick.
  2. quick tweet out a picture of a seal eating oatmeal with his left fin in the air.
  3. Not only that but it was a Thursday game so the defensive legs were extra "tired". That's not to downplay what he did - and I'm glad I started him in a week where I'm devastated with byes and injuries but the thought about "fresh legs" did cross my mind watching the game.
  4. Yeah that was the whole controversy. He died during the draft and Joe thought we were celebrating his death. I will admit I think some one called him the "steal of the draft" which may have been in poor taste and then when reports came out he may not be dead Mister Ected posted the Monty Python link.
  5. Sorry for the harsh “tone” and I’m sure the list gets better but let’s face it - if that song didn’t end up being covered for the Golden Girls, I’m not sure anyone ever hears it again, thankfully.
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