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  1. After I posted, I realized Neil could also fit in both Canadian and Outlaw Country but that wasn’t who I was alluding to.
  2. Is Schitt’s Creek a foreign show? Genuinely curious as I’m watching now and wouldn’t have guessed. ETA: It’s Canadian. I looked it up. I knew Eugene Levy was Canadian and assumed his son was as well but doesn’t seem like a “foreign” show.
  3. Well, it’s up to you I suppose. I still don’t see the fact that Saleh being a DC as a big deal. I’m guessing that he wants the offense to be successful and will hire offensive assistants. If they keep Darnold (which is yet to be determined) he will either sink or swim. If he sinks he’ll be gone the next season with (hopefully) a great supporting cast for the next QB. I don’t necessarily want him back, I’m just not sure there are better options available to the Jets this offseason. If Douglas thinks so then Darnold won’t be back.
  4. You’re reading way too much into the backgrounds of HC. All three of the other HCs in the AFC East have defensive backgrounds but they still have potent offenses - well not the Pats THIS season but you get the idea. A HC should be a CEO type and have his hands on both side of the ball. The success of the offense will depend on a lot of factors including OC LaFleur and whoever is playing QB next season - why do you think Saleh will be a detriment? I have no idea if Saleh will ultimately be successful or not, and I get that we’ve been beat down year after year as Jets’ fans but ri
  5. Dude - you’re stretching it now. A 22 year old kid lied to his boss about missing work? The horror.
  6. If you have a good OC, does it matter if the HC is a defense guy?
  7. They don't really need to pay DEs until they find good ones and if they did that would mean they will have a pass rush in theory. I don't think the team will 100% follow the Niners blueprint - for all we know Saleh would prefer bigger durable RBs - but I don't think your prediction that they wait in the draft would not shock me if it turns out that way. I agree about Darnold. We still don't know what the new staff thinks of him or what Douglass does either, nor what any of them think about the incoming class. I really don't feel great about Darnold but if the plan is to use this offs
  8. They can't take a RB at 23 - need a player at a premiere position there. I'd love Harris at 34 though - but if they miss him there's a few other good backs coming out.
  9. I think it's safe to say that our HC and GM could kick the #### out of any other HC GM combo in the league.
  10. I don't think he has a future - I just want some one that can come in and move the team should Sam falter. Like I said I'd prefer an upgrade - and no I'm not willing to count on Morgan.
  11. I do think it may be more important to build a team before "reaching" for a QB in this draft and if that means one more year with Darnold I could live with that while holding out some hope that Gase was even more detrimental to him than even we thought. I'd surely at least bring back Flacco but would prefer an even better veteran if we go with Sam in 2021. I'm back on the Sewell train since he seems the safe play and like you said this should be a run heavy offense. Darnold may be a little more successful with time to throw and with an effective play action and roll out type of offen
  12. Yes - there's still a lot of questions to be answered but I'm please with the hire and I'm pleased that they were able to land their first choice and it was a candidate that was in high demand. Saleh will give this team instant credibility and he seems to live and breath coaching football. Q will be even more dangerous in a 4-3 scheme as well - they still need that elusive edge rusher of course and some help in the secondary to make this a top defense. LaFleur as OC is also exciting as look at what the SF offense was able to do - they never lost much even when down to their third str
  13. He was just a Spotify recommendation for me, and I’ve now downloaded his first two records. It’s good stuff.
  14. knocks one back for our fallen Musketeer. Thanks for your contributions to this thread @Man of Constant Sorrow - you will be missed.
  15. This is the one solace I take out of not getting Lawrence. I think Meyer will be a disaster in the pros and the tweedle dumb an tweedle dumber brothers would have fallen all over themselves if he called and showed interest in the Jets job.
  16. Ummmm... Jacobs not getting a huge share of the backfield was a knock on him that was repeated over and over on these boards.
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