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  1. There was something for everyone on that drive. Williams looked like a beast, but then made a mistake that fortunately wasn’t costly. Murray started but only saw one snap, but Freeman looked quick.
  2. That one was a head scratcher- the first was a poor decision but was tipped. Second went off Davis hands.
  3. Just when they were getting some momentum. That throw was terrible.
  4. Second pick wasn’t hits fault. Hugh throw but hit Davis in the hands.
  5. Round 7 Being There - Wilco (1996) Sky Blue Sky - Wilco (2007) Misunderstood I Got You (At the End of the Century) Either Way What Light I called Wilco "my favorite new band" for about 20 years, until I just started calling them "one of my favorite bands". Being There is a top 20 favorite for me. Sky Blue Sky is a great summer porch record - it may be an odd comparison but it truly reminds me of a classic Grateful Dead album, that hasn't been drafted yet but was a big part of tim's top 100 of 1970 list. @timschochet
  6. I saw that and was shocked and disappointed. I mean he looked like a weapon late in the game last week. Crowder is also inactive.
  7. The top rushing team in the NFL? At worst Williams has the same value Gus Edwards would have had if he and Dobbins was healthy. this “three man backfield” is typical rotoworld BS. Trenton Cannon got carries in Week 1 and now those go to Freeman.
  8. Which fantasy rookie drafts did Karius Toney go in Round 1?
  9. Yes Jets fans are so wildly optimistic, how can we not be? Maybe read things a little more carefully before your awkward attempt to troll a topic. For one thing, one of the guys you quoted is a Dolphins fan.
  10. It looks like it didn’t reach me yesterday- I’ll be able to make my picks today.
  11. It’s been pointed out 30 times that Williams missed the block on the Ravens last offensive series of the game - so how did he get benched for that? Answer, he did not unless he doesn’t play in Week 2.
  12. used: OFF: Jaguars DEF: 49ers this week: OFF: Packers DEF: Bengals
  13. The only Rutgers football game I’ve been to they played against Kent State. All I could associate them with the was the event and the song almost 50 years later.
  14. I just heard Pearl Jam’s sound check on the beach while sitting on my balcony last night - they sounded great. There’s a big festival here tomorrow and they’re headlining. I’m not officially going but will be able to hear the bands I want just walking around town.
  15. In this draft it would have either been you or me that drafted Billy. These are the exact 2 I would have. There’s a few others I like but probably won’t go there here.
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