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  1. Great deal for all parties. Almiron gets his dream move to England Newcastle fans get their man and break their record transfer fee (hard to believe) Atlanta United triple their $9M investment when they signed Almiron two years ago and already have a comparable replacement in place - Pity Martinez -who they signed for $17M MLS proves (again) they can attract top talent that top European clubs covet Im guessing it wont be too long before MLS owners increase their DP spots now that they see the potential $$ that can be made from developing (and selling) top talent As for me: ------> 😞 Go get em Miggy!!
  2. I think Mike Alstott deserves to be in the Hall. In a league full of tough guys he was among the toughest of them all. In a world without statistics he probably makes it.
  3. And FWIW no issue whatsoever with the transfer price. 1. He fills a dire position of need with Pedro and Willian over 30. 2. Fits the Sarri system 3. Becomes the most marketable US soccer player ever. Chelsea will make back their money on licensing, TV, etc alone. I do hope they keep Hudson Odoi and swap out Morata for another striker.
  4. "Its a privilege to have signed for such a legendary club" -Christian Pulisic This is so damn cool. Millions of Americans rooting for the Blues just as soccer takes off in America! Are you all as excited as me?
  5. I was just reading more about him. Journeyman is probably too harsh. He had a number of excellent seasons in the Bundesliga for Werder Bremen. Also made the rounds at some bigger clubs where he received less playing time. He's definitely a talent, though probably underachieved all things considered. FWIW he looks to have been a difference maker at Flamenco.
  6. Took me a while to connect the dots on this one. He used to simply go by the name Diego. Spent time at Juve, Atletico, Bremen, Wolfsburg, Porto. Was even part of the Brazilian national team rotation at one point. Another extremely promising talent who looks to have settled into a journeyman role for most of his career. Edit: Seems like he had a very successful (if not short) spell at Werder Bremen. So 'journeyman' may be a bit harsh.
  7. German publication Bild are reporting tonight that #cfc have agreed £45m deal to sign Christian #Pulisic from Borussia Dortmund next summer. Edit: courtesy of Simon Johnson
  8. From Jason Longshore: Bocanegra (ATL technical director) talked about how de Boer's staff will be involved with the oldest academy teams and USL. Some training sessions will be replicated throughout the club. Now thats exciting...
  9. I will say this: so much of ATL United's credit goes to Arthur Blank, Tata, Almiron/Martinez, and the fans - but Darren Eales has been the absolute mastermind behind all of the clubs success. I really hope he is happy in the US because he has been the real architect behind this entire operation. His credibility, ambition and willingness to up the ante will push the entire MLS forward...
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