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  1. If he sucks, he sticks around. If he's great he goes. If he's middling he stays. The upside vs. downside to any opt out is horrible for any team.
  2. If anything this Russia stuff gives them political cover to push an unpopular item through as everyone watches the Flynn wreck. It's Trump's denial of service attack style of leadership at work again.
  3. Hate Stanton being able to opt out. That really limits his value to whoever gets him, but if that's all it costs the Giants it's a pretty good get.
  4. Don't worry, they're not done yet. They're planning on taking their 300k limit and throwing it at Ohtani, selling him on the fact Melvin knows Ichiro, Oakland is close to Japan, and they might get a new stadium someday. They also plan to let him pitch, DH, and play in the outfield.
  5. I think we will. The worst generation we've ever had in the boomers will die off. Fake news is a relatively new phenomenon. The new generations are a smart bunch and will figure it out. From a bigger picture, this wasn't a huge area of focus for society until very recently.
  6. But using Trump logic, doesn't raising stock prices lower the deficit?
  7. It's costing you a lottery ticket for another position. I'm not saying whether it's worth that cost, but any player you grab means another guy got can't snag. There are a lot of interesting pieces on the ww this week.
  8. Good luck in the toilet bowl game this year.
  9. You HAD something in McKinnon. Why would you do this? Awful. Hope whoever grabs him off the ww sends a thank you card.
  10. Depending how lucky you've been with the ww this year you might be better off leaving this situation alone. Right now in ppr I wouldn't drop a McKinnon, McGuire, Kamara, Ellington, etcetera for the gamble of Dallas backup. The line isn't as good as last year and if they split work it could be an unpleasant situation for owners.
  11. There's more to a rb than running. Keeping Luck alive takes priority above all else. Gore can do that. Mack can't. Not yet.
  12. Yes, you should. Let's hope it continues to shock you. And all of us. Otherwise it means you've become numb to something you should never be numb to.
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