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  1. Up in Northern WI. Going to Amherst (Central Waters) to pick up Black Gold tomorrow. Figured I would go local with CW HHG and O'so Convenient Distraction.
  2. Nice share tonight. I brought the 18 Marshmallow Handjee. We also had 19 Rye Barrel Dark Lord, 18 Hung, Drawn, and Quartered (basically 18 rye barrel aged dark lord), BA No Cake, 19 Assassin, others. All awesome. Was an incredible beer year for me. 13 Prop, 14 Prop, Vanilla Rye, multiple Assassins, KBBS, many Dark Lord variants, plenty of Bottle Logic and Angry Chair stouts, and more than I can remember. I think I've hit peak beer. Drinking an 18 Deth by Currants but time to dial it back in the new year. Happy New Year, FBGs.
  3. Yesterday was another good night. Tree House Julius and Green. Then Vanilla Benthic, Imperial Smells Like Bean Spirit Hot Chocolate, BCBS Mon Cheri and Vanilla Black Note. Benthic and 19 BCBS tonight.
  4. Pseudo and Pompeii are my staples now. So tired of 15 to 20 dollar IPA 4 packs and TG usually crushes it.
  5. It was really good. Had an old Dark Lord type of taste to it and somehow there was some coffee aroma even after 5 years.
  6. Firing Nagy in year 2 after he was coach of the year. Yep, gonna happen.
  7. Ok fine. But they shouldn't have kicked FGs earlier in the game when they should've scored TDs. Awful play calling. Trubisky had his issues for sure but when the game was on the line he did what he was supposed to and gave them another chance.
  8. Back in 2014 Wingnut sent me a Marshal Zhukov. Just opened it.
  9. Toppling Goliath Intergalactic Warrior right now. Delicious, just like pretty much everything they make.
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