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  1. Not even a limited practice like he had last week. This must be some hip injury - wish there was more clarity regarding the nature of the injury. Thought he had a chance to return this week after practicing, albeit in a limited fashion, last week. This sux.
  2. Felt it coming, traded Breida for him as I needed WR depth.
  3. Interesting article regarding Sanders/49ers https://www.ninersnation.com/2019/10/1/20892275/49ers-nfl-trade-rumors-broncos-emmanuel-sanders
  4. Seems there is a lot of speculation on twitter that Sanders will be traded before the deadline. Teams being bandied about include the Pats, 49ers, Pack, and Bills. If Broncs don't win a couple in a row, I can see this happening.
  5. Looking to be a steal at his adp. Flacco can still sling it and Sanders seem to be over his injury. Could see him being a high floor WR2 ros.
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